Technologie v oblasti financí, účetnictví, daní a HR, digitalizace, robotizace


Technology, Robotics, ERP

Our services in the area of technology for the support of processes in finance, reporting, accounting, taxes and payroll include everything from the analysis of existing processes and their complete mapping to suggestions on modifications that improve their efficiency and the design of technological solutions.


Our team of experts in the areas of finance, taxes and technology will help you analyse current manual processes based on the circulation of paper documents, and design new procedures leading to a decrease or complete elimination of their circulation. They will also help implement these processes. The elimination of circulation of paper documents will help you increase the efficiency of the original processes, allow remote work with documents even from mobile devices and prepare the ground for potential automation. A welcomed benefit of digitalisation of paper documents is the saving on costs related to their archiving.

How we can help you

  • We will map your corporate processes and design the digitalisation method.
  • We will analyse the individual types of paper documents in terms of the requirements of tax and other laws.
  • We will design a technological solution for the circulation of documents.

Robotisation and process automation

A current trend, which has not avoided the area of finance and accounting, is automation and robotisation. Robotisation is an ideal solution for routine activities that are often repeated and consume a large amount of precious man power. Advanced robotic technologies will help you replace workers performing routine tasks with a software solution that brings a significant increase in capacity while decreasing the error rate caused by the human factor. This allows your employees to focus on tasks with higher added value where humans are still irreplaceable. The use of robots does not require long-term preparation, deployment is usually possible within weeks and no modifications of your existing information systems are required.

How we can help you:

  • We will perform an analysis of your processes and recommend processes for automation.
  • We will prepare the instruction and requirements for the development of robots.
  • We will develop a robot based on your instructions.
  • We will teach you to operate the robots.

ERP support

Are you considering a change or implementation of a new ERP system? Our team of experts is ready to help you prepare for this change and its realisation. We offer support during the preparation and definition of requirements for the new ERP system, description of current processes as supporting material for implementation instructions and client modifications, management of the entire project as well as user testing and user training.

Our advantage is that our employees have experience with many implementations of ERP systems, both from the perspective of the implementer and the client. Thanks to this experience we are able to help you with efficient communication of your requirements so that the resulting set-up of the ERP system fits your vision and requirements as much as possible.

How we can help you:

  • We will prepare the instructions for the selection of the ERP system.
  • We will create descriptions of processes for the implementation team (“blueprints”).
  • We will ensure the management of the implementation project and communication with the implementer.
  • We will provide experienced workers as key users and workers for user testing.
  • We will help with user training and the preparation of user documentation.


Mobile Expense is a multi-functional web solution for the administration of travel costs and other expenses, allowing for the optimisation of processes and administration provided by Deloitte in cooperation with a third party.

Efficient payroll management via PeoplePort

People Port is composed of several tools that help clients and Deloitte manage the entry of data in the payroll system, monitor requests and questions from employees and create documents. Thanks to a safe and easily accessible work environment the portal enables sharing documents and collecting information, which helps decrease the number of emails and phone calls.


Tool for data management payroll evidence and effective communication with employees

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Zbyněk Brtinský


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