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Grants and incentives

Financing options with a contribution from public resources

Use a grant or tax relief to support your research, development or investments. Whether you are already realising one of the supported activities or investments or you are only planning them, you can probably obtain some type of public support. We are able to combine all of its possibilities to fit the requirements of your plan.

We have been assisting clients in the area of support from public resources since 2004. We have built the team so that it is able to resolve economic, legal and technical matters and thus support our clients in all stages of their projects:

  • We will perform a detailed analysis and subsequently recommend a suitable support method for your business.
  • You will make a qualified decision as to whether you wish to select one of the types of support, and if so, which one.
  • We will prepare the documentation for obtaining the support.
  • We will ensure the administration of the project from A to Z.
  • We will support you during the following steps depending on whether you are drawing a grant, utilising a tax deduction or want to use an investment incentive.
  • We will represent you in the event of audits by state authorities.

What we will ask you about during the first consultation

  • What are the primary goals of your project?
  • Are you thinking about the development of your product or its innovation?
  • Do you need new machinery for the production of new products?
  • Do you need to renovate a building or acquire a new one for your development activities?
  • Are you planning energy savings or environmental measures?
  • What are the expected operating and capital expenses?
  • Where will your project be carried out?
  • Are you planning to hire new employees as part of the project?
  • Are you planning to involve other enterprises, schools or research institutions in your project and do you expect that intellectual property will originate?
  • What is your expected tax liability in the following years?

Advantages of cooperating with us

  • We will openly give you our expert opinion as to whether your project has a chance to succeed and warn you about risks.
  • In the area of public support, we will provide you with a comprehensive service from the first consultation to the completion of your project/plan.
  • We will ensure the assessment of development activities by the Deloitte Advisory expert institute.
  • We know how to deal with the state administration, grant providers and tax authorities.
  • Our legal, tax and accounting experts are at the top of their field.
  • Technical consultations take place between your and our technicians.
  • The high quality of our services brings our clients back even after the end of the cooperation as part of related services.

Grants for research, development and investments

We have assisted our clients with submitting more than 100 successful projects and helped them obtain more than CZK 3 billion in grant support.

Support from public resources is possible for several types of investment or innovation activities

  • Do you perform research or development of new products and technologies?
  • Are you considering measures for saving energy in your business or for decreasing the environmental burden?
  • Are you planning to acquire new production machinery or the purchase of hardware and software for research and development?
  • Do you need to finance employee salaries or facilities for research and development?
  • Are you planning to establish data centres or shared services centres?

We can help you:

  • We will assess whether you project has the potential to succeed in the current grant programmes and recommend next steps.
  • We will prepare the grant application, which is key for the success of the project and awarding of the grant.
  • We are prepared to administer the realisation of your project including tenders, arranging monitoring reports, compliance with project sustainability rules and obligatory publicity.

Research and development tax deduction

Every year we cooperate with more than 100 clients who all together deduct more than CZK 1.5 billion of costs for each taxation period, thus obtaining a tax advantage of more than CZK 250 million per year.

Use the possibility of decreasing your tax base by the operating expenses for research or development activities

  • Do you develop or innovate your own products, production processes or software?
  • Do you perform custom research and development?
  • Do you have or expect to have a positive tax base?
  • Do you have significant operating expenses – salaries, material and depreciation for research and development?
  • Do you use the tax deduction and need an independent review or representation during an audit by state authorities?

We can help you

  • We will identify research and development activities in your business and expense items deductible from the tax base.
  • The eligibility of research and development activities for the deduction will be assessed by an expert witness.
  • We will prepare or review all documentation necessary for the application of the tax deduction.

Investment incentives

Use the opportunity to support your investment using an incentive.

  • Are you planning significant investments in production technologies, real estate, technology centres or shared services centres?
  • Are you unsure what the new legislative conditions under preparation would mean for you?
  • Would you like to establish a research and development centre?
  • Are you planning to invest at least CZK 50–100 million (depending on the region)?
  • Are you planning to create new job positions as part of the project?

We can help you

  • We will consider the specifics of your plan and recommend an investment incentive (or their combination) ideal for your business.
  • We will prepare all project documentation together with you.
  • We will ensure communication with the relevant authorities on your behalf.

Public support

Public support from public resources in the form of grants, tax relief, capital injections or for example in the form of construction land with advantageous conditions can be provided only under the conditions set by EU law. A failure to meet the conditions exposes the recipient to significant risk – the obligation to refund the unauthorised support. However, the strict legal regulation is no reason not to use the advantages of public support. Deloitte’s experts together with the Deloitte international network are able to analyse the risks and set up the public support regime to prevent them.

We provide our services to the public and private sectors, recipients and providers of public support. We are able to design the most suitable regime of public support provision and we can advise you on alternative methods of providing public resources that do not include public support at all.

We can help you

  • In the search for the most suitable support provision regime (block exemption, de minimis regime etc.);
  • In the search for a way of funding excluding the provision of public support (private investor test, public service obligation);
  • In the notification proceedings before the Commission – with the approval of the Commission, it is possible to provide public support outside of the existing regimes. For large investors, the notification allows the obtaining of support based on individual needs;
  • In the search for damage compensation by entities injured by the provision of unauthorised support to the competition (“private enforcement”);
  • In the assessment of risks for investors related to the provision of a grant or another form of support as part of due diligence; and
  • In matters of collaborative and contractual research with the participation of public resources.


Luděk Hanáček

Luděk Hanáček


Luděk Hanáček is a Partner in the Tax and Legal function of Deloitte. He is responsible for a team of experts providing advisory services in the area of subsidies and tax support in the Czech Republic... More