Analytics for VAT

Tool for bulk review of complete sets of documents entering the VAT return.

The VAT analytics tool allows you to examine in bulk the complete set of documents included in the VAT return records for any given number of tax periods.

VAT reporting and control reports will no longer be intimidating.

The VAT analytics draws detailed information on accounting documents from the client’s accounting system in the form of a data file. Once the data is uploaded to the data analytics tool, tests are conducted to review the application of specific tax rules and identify specific accounting documents that may be inconsistent or could be modified to achieve savings.

The VAT analytics tool allows you to perform bulk analysis of the complete set of documents contained in the VAT return records for any number of tax periods. The data is tested for the application of VAT principles as well as logical tests such as the application of the tax rate, the use of the tax code, inclusion in the relevant period, the validity of the VAT number, and other tests prepared in line with the company’s needs. The output is a report summarising all the tests performed. For each test, the number of documents entering the test and the number of findings ‒ i.e. the number of documents that did not meet the test criteria and represent a tax risk ‒ are indicated along with recommendations aimed at managing the risk.


  • Efficient and swift review of a large number of tax documents
  • Significant reduction in the risk of errors and potential penalties
  • Aiming the analytical focus on the specifics of the client’s industry
  • Detailed evaluation of analyses together with recommendations for risk minimisation

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