Customs Analytics

Effective examination of customs declaration data for a given period. Quick and easy.

The Customs Analytics tool verifies 100% of the information from customs declarations. It instantly reveals potential savings or risks associated with customs arrears.

Customs Analytics uses detailed information from the customs administration system in the form of a data file. This provides an overview of the customs duty costs for each commodity type and allows us to focus on the most material types of goods with detailed scrutiny.

We will assess whether you apply the appropriate tariff classification and associated customs rate; or whether you fully utilise possible tariff concessions such as tariff preferences or tariff suspensions. We will also assess the work of your customs declarants and which kind of VAT should have been declared.


Do you know that thanks to Customs Analytics...
  • you will gain a complete overview of your customs operations without lengthy and continuous data collection in your systems?
  • it is possible to investigate the possibility of savings on customs duties in connection with the use of existing tariff concessions?      
  • it is possible to review the tariff classification of goods? 
  • you can perform import VAT reconciliation without laborious verification of the source data? 
  • you will receive comments and recommendations on the status of your customs operations?
  • we can identify risks sooner than the customs authority?

  • Efficient and quick overview of all customs operations
  • Maximum verification of customs savings opportunities
  • Targeting analyses on material areas 
  • Detailed assessment of the data obtained with recommendations, all in a comprehensible format

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Petra Závalová

Petra Závalová


Petra Závalová is a customs expert with more than 15 years of experience and extensive knowledge in the field of customs law. She joined Deloitte in March 2012 and is responsible for customs projects ... More