A tool for easy preparation and submission of the VAT control statement and Intrastat report

The tool allows you to easily prepare and submit the VAT control statement and Intrastat report. TaxCube is technically independent and working separately from the client’s main accounting / ERP system.

A tailor-made secure system

It allows you to read and integrate data from common economic systems (SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, Axapta, Navision, etc.). At the same time, it allows you to link data from multiple sources / systems.

It respects your IT environment, accounting practices and methodology, i.e. the methodology of using exchange rates, applying credit notes, tax codes settings.

TaxCube allows you to set different user access levels.

When you are working with taxCube, your data does not leave your company.

Well-arranged and easy to use application

It keeps a detailed audit trail of all tax documents, i.e. the import time, who performed the import, what changes were made, what tests reported an error, when the documents were entered into the return.

The taxCube VAT reporting environment is user-friendly, clear and easy to understand.

What will you gain from taxCube ™?

  • Control over VAT returns, control statements and ECSL reports
  • The possibility of electronic reporting of VAT
  • Minimum manual interventions, without the need to keep extra records
  • It respects your settings
  • The possibility to connect to any accounting system

Client´s stories

  • As we prepared the VAT return in taxCube, we managed to achieve time savings and file the return on time and in the required structure. The control tests set for our company assist us in discovering potential accounting errors which we can correct prior to loading them into the VAT evidence and preparing the VAT reports. Alena Polyaková, Accounting supervisor,
    Eaton Industries s.r.o.
  • We had the data for the preparation of the VAT Control Statement in separate systems. Manually merging them for the purpose of preparing the VAT evidence and the VAT Control Statement would be impractical and would bring about a risk of human errors. The taxCube tool merges all the data into a single VAT evidence according to predefined principles and thanks to integrated checks on the data has made the preparation and checks of the source data more efficient. Working with the application is intuitive. Pavel Brandejs, Financial Accounting Manager,
    Jan Becher - Karlovarská Becherovka, a.s.
  • By implementing the taxCube application, we managed to avoid manually preparing the VAT return and VAT Control Statement, which significantly shortened the time needed for the preparation and submission of these reports. taxCube helps us identify systemic and random errors in the VAT evidence thanks to integrated tests and allows us to perform related corrections directly in taxCube right away. We are therefore able to file the correct VAT reports on time, without delays caused by corrections made in our accounting software. Simona Burianová, Head of Finance,
    Auto-Kabel Krupka, s.r.o.
  • The taxCube application met our expectations by allowing us to prepare the VAT return, EC Sales List and VAT Control Statement in one place, which ensures the alignment of the data in all the reports. Thanks to the automatizing of routine tasks, the time needed for the preparation of the reports has decreased significantly. The checks help identify potential errors in booked tax documents. Working with the application is easy and user friendly. We appreciate the positive approach of colleagues from Deloitte during the implementation of taxCube and the smoothness of the whole process. Martina Princová, Tax Specialist, Compliance Services,
    Plzeňský Prazdroj, a.s.

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