Jan Procházka

Banking & Finance, Labour Law Deloitte Legal

Partner, Attorney-at-Law

Jan Procházka

Churchill I

Italská 2581/67

Prague 2

Czech Republic

120 00

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Jan Procházka is a Partner and head of the Banking & Finance department and Employment department at Deloitte Legal. In Banking & Finance he focuses on providing legal advice to banks, insurance companies and other financial market entities on regulatory requirements, including the regulatory aspects of transformations, restructurings and acquisitions. Recently, Jan was leading projects that included: acquiring a qualifying stake in an insurance company and the merger of insurance companies (including representation before the Czech National Bank, as the regulator); mergers of banks; revision of the complete set of documentation for a leasing company; implementation of the Insurance Distribution Directive for an independent insurance intermediary; design of innovative insurance products covering IoT; and review of regulatory issues and set-up of a bitcoin mining pool.

In the area of Employment and benefits Jan focuses on both the standard employment-law agenda and the area of flexibility, innovative benefits and cross-border assignment of employees. Recently, Jan has led projects consisting in the recruitment of employees by a foreign bank entering the Czech market, including resolving issues of applicable law, taxation and setting up the day-to-day HR operation (e.g., preparing internal regulations and securing the necessary applications and registrations); or a project consisting of preparation of a new design of relations with members of the statutory body, including the preparation of contracts covering the transition from employment relationships and the setting up of internal approval and liability processes for a major developer.

Jan Procházka