Klára Veverková

Public Regulation Deloitte Legal

Junior Lawyer

Klára Veverková

Churchill I

Italská 2581/67

Prague 2

Czech Republic

120 00

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Klára graduated from the Faculty of Law at Masaryk University in Brno. She joined Deloitte Legal as a student in early 2017. During her studies, Klára gained work experience in a law office focusing on claim collection and administration and also completed an internship at the municipal Public Prosecutor’s Office in Brno.

Since 2019, Klára has been a junior lawyer in the team specialising in environmental law and public business regulation. Her experience primarily relates to extended producer responsibility, product labelling and waste management. To clients operating in these industries Klára, also provides day-to-day advisory services in the area of contractual and corporate law.

Klára Veverková