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The Value of Chat Bots, Voice Bots and Biometrics in Customer Services

A new era of (digital) customer service

This Deloitte survey analyzes Chat Bots, Voice Bots and Biometrics – it takes a look at the level of acceptance, targeted customers, use cases, and IT solutions, which are already used and / or planned to be used in external and internal customer services.

Have you already thought about using Chat Bots or Voice Bots in serving your client? Do you already have Bots in place or are you planning to implement them?

… What about Biometrics?! Is this something you are thinking about?! Are you interested in what others are doing?

This Deloitte survey analyzes the level of acceptance, targeted customer groups, typical use cases, and also technological solutions, which are already used and / or planned to be used in external and internal customer services.

We are looking at three topics: Chat Bots, Voice Bots, and Biometrics.

Chat Bots and Voice Bots are both conversational interfaces. Chat Bots are text-based messaging channels, whereas Voice Bots are communicating via their voice in natural language. For both, Deloitte is not looking at simple bots, but at intelligent Virtual Assistants, which are providing services / responses close to those of humans.

We are also considering different platforms:

  • Chat Bots using e.g. SMS or web-based messaging (asynchronous or synchronous) 
  • Voice Bots using different devices e.g. mobile phones, computers, smart speakers (like Amazon Echo, Google Home), wearable devices

Besides installing Virtual Assistants in form of Chat Bots or Voice Bots, Biometrics can enable new experiences in customer service processes. Identifying and verifying a person’s ID is crucial in many services and transactions (especially when looking at Banking clients). Biometric authentication is becoming more and more common – from a customer’s perspective it is “easy to use” and not requiring significant efforts. It is not needed anymore to search for the correct TAN, password etc. Combining biometric data with other technologies, like Chat Bots or Voice Bots, is a new way to decrease complexity for customers while still increasing security in data processing. Biometrics is a very wide-ranging area and also its potential differs from industry to industry. In this survey, we are looking at very common but also new Biometrics like fingerprints, eye scans, voice, heartbeat etc. The goal is to identify cross-industry trends and also use cases.

We are asking you to imagine the art of the possible. It is important to rethink traditional customer services processes. With this Deloitte survey we will help you to explore new ways and get some innovative ideas. It will inspire you to design new channels and possibilities for servicing customers, which is of course key to attract new and sustain existing ones. It will enable you to move ahead in becoming Digital Leaders.

Thanks for sharing your view and experiences – we are looking forward to create new valuable insights for you and your company.

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