Digital Fluency Academy


Deloitte Digital Fluency Academy: Do you speak Digital?

Mastering the Challenges of Digital Transformation

We are in the middle of the digital era and it is essential that we are capable of handling new business challenges. Therefore Deloitte has developed the Digital Fluency Academy aiming to build cutting-edge capabilities among all employees and to establish adequate knowledge about digital developments.

Why use the Deloitte Digital Fluency Academy?

Understanding, exploring and exploiting the vast potential of digital trends and technologies is key to confidently drive future growth. It has become more important than ever to be able to discuss key digital topics as digitalization is not only a matter in technology and IT anymore, but omnipresent in all areas of an organization – from Strategy to HR. With digitalization, all kinds of businesses are facing new challenges, such as:

  • Constantly changing market conditions
  • Attacks on market shares through “1000 cuts”
  • Exponentially accelerating pace of technology
  • Unrecognized opportunities for digital innovation
  • Limited resources to monitor new trends
  • Lack of know-how for strategic evaluation

In order to tackle these challenges the Deloitte Digital Fluency Academy will help you gain a better understanding of how to tap into the potential of emerging technologies and trends. Secondly, it will support you improve your innovation process by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and methods. The Deloitte Digital Fluency Academy will help you apply scalable and impactful learning to confidently explore and utilize digital trends and technologies. Furthermore, the it will guide you to:

  • Learn how to ask the right questions about digital transformation
  • Upgrade your digital know-how to identify and implement new business ideas
  • Turn employees from passive learners into proactive knowledge owners and digital ambassadors
  • Improve innovation capabilities based on cutting-edge technologies and methods

The Deloitte Digital Fluency Academy is an online platform that serves as a content library, containing currently about 50 courses, clustered into five categories. Each 30 minute course contains several - mainly video based - learning nuggets, providing fundamentals of the particular topic. At the end of each course a quiz may be taken around the most important key elements of the respective course.

Digital Fluency Academy Flyer (PDF/EN)

Learning categories

Learning categories include Digital Strategy & Implementation , Technology, Methods & Tools, Organizational Basics and Legal & Ethics.

What about the platform?

A functional solution of the platform is offered on both web and mobile. All data collected on the platform meet the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as stated in our Deloitte Digital Fluency Privacy Policy. Various customization possibilities are available to meet the requirements of your particular situation:

  • Categories, courses and respective contents
  • Design (e.g. CI conformity)
  • Reporting
  • Features

Platform features

Platform features include social components, an events calendar, dynamic content formats, learning analytics, continuous listening to track user experience as well as integrated badges and certifications for accrediting and gamifying learning.

How to get access?

In order to offer you a better idea about the platform, we can create a test environment within only two weeks. Based on your needs and target group, we suggest one of three different cooperation options along content, webinars and platform.

Cooperation possibilities

We offer three Digital Fluency Academy packages for cooperation with different levels of customization.

Please reach out to us to learn more about the Deloitte Digital Fluency Academy and address any questions or concerns on how to make your employees digitally fluent.