Transforming e-learning experience

The Deloitte Neuroscience Institute helped one of its clients to create a completely new e-learning experience for users by providing a neuro-scientific e-learning development framework

The client was interested in improve the quality and learning experience of its e-learnings. The Deloitte Neuroscience Institute applied neuro-scientific technologies to evaluate the e-learnings ability to keep users’ engaged and transfer knowledge.

The business issue of our client:

An increasing number of live instructor-led trainings are substituted by e-learnings. The client wanted its e-learnings to be tested to get an understanding of user engagement and learning success. The goal was to ensure effective and time-efficient learning.

Our approach:

Neuro-scientific measures and physiological signals were recorded during completion of the e-learnings to assess levels of engagement and knowledge processing. The setting was chosen to match real-life situations of employees with different levels of experience. Continuous information about relevant parameters was analyzed using specialized analytical toolboxes to answer client-specific questions.

Our delivered value:

The Deloitte Neuroscience Institute compiled the insights in a framework for e-learning development. The analysis identified levers to design an engaging and positive e-learning experience. Guidelines for content placement and information density were provided to ensure effective and time-efficient knowledge absorption.

This reduced time spent on e-learnings while conveying more knowledge and saved the client costs in subsequent e-learning development.

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