Transforming finance reporting

The Deloitte Neuroscience Institute delivered valuable insights for a large consumer goods company to improve a financial reporting dashboard

Managers need to make decisions every day. The client wanted to ensure that these decisions are made based on facts by using different reporting dashboards. The Deloitte Neuroscience Institute investigated users’ information processing patterns to provide actionable recommendations on logical structuring and data visualization.

The business issue of our client:

Employees deal with a variety of interactive tools. The client faced the challenge to construct an intuitive and easy to understand dashboard that supports day-to-day business decisions. Together with the client, the Deloitte Neuroscience Institute evaluated reporting concepts on a neuroscientific level to provide insights into advanced decision-making processes.

Our approach:

The Deloitte Neuroscience Institute used eye tracking stress level analysis (GSR)and physiological parameters to compare users’ navigation strategies and information processing. Based on neuroscientific findings the Deloitte Neuroscience Institute derived recommendations in the areas of logic structuring and visualization.

Our delivered value:

The data analysis of the Deloitte Neuroscience Institute evaluated whether visual and navigational elements effectively steered users’ attention to key figures. The redesign reduced complexity, decreased the time to find necessary data, and reduced the number of mistakes.
The results were summarized in a compilation of guidelines supporting conception of future financial reports.

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