CX optimization at the POS with Neuroscience


CX Optimization at the POS

Understand customer-decision making journey at the PoS and optimize design and layout to provide frictionless and enjoyable customer shopping experience

Ever wondered what your customers think when wandering through your stores and online shops? Which factors influence why some convert and others do not? We have developed the CX Optimization service to explore these questions and provide you with insightful information on how to improve your conversion rate by making the customer experience at your POS as enjoyable as possible.

What’s in it for you

With the help of the Deloitte Neuroscience Institute you will be able to

  • Make the decision making journey of customers transparent and visible
  • Gain insights into perception of POS design and potential for adjustment
  • Optimize your store layout and improve your customer satisfaction rate
  • Support customers’ decision making with appealing design and effective in-store marketing for more and higher conversions
  • Provide better customer service and support at the POS for higher satisfaction

How we do it

In order to improve the customer experience at your POS we use a customer-centric approach. We measure your POS design’s attractiveness from a customers’ point of view, e.g., by equipping test shoppers with EEG and eye tracking devices. Moreover, we compare different design alternatives (A/B Testing) to explore which design works best for you. In addition, we measure the influence of promotional displays within the showroom on customer decisions and track customers’ interaction with displays, sales drivers, customer service and staff.

Then, we discuss all of our results with various Deloitte industry experts to derive recommendations that suit your individual business and improve your customer experience the most.

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Your Contact

Dr. Gregor-Konstantin Elbel

Dr. Gregor-Konstantin Elbel

Lead Health Care Payer & Head Deloitte Neuroscience Institute

Dr. Gregor-Konstantin Elbel ist Partner in der Industrie Life Sciences & Health Care sowie Leiter des Deloitte Neuroscience Institute (DNI). Als approbierter und ehemals klinisch-tätiger Arzt und Hirn... Mehr