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We drive business of tomorrow, today. Empowering our clients to create top-line impact through digital businesses, products, and innovation, we are trusted partners to some of the world’s biggest and best innovators. We especially love rolling up our sleeves to support our clients through our two key offerings: business building and corporate venturing services.

Business Building: Building new, impactful businesses

As entrepreneurs and business builders ourselves, we combine the best startup methodologies with the backing of the world’s largest professional services network to identify, validate and build new businesses and products designed for top-line impact. 

We apply four lenses to the businesses we build: customer desirability, technical and operational feasibility, business viability, and impact.

We are trusted advisors and pragmatists across all stages of the business building journey. Through flexibly staffing our ventures with strategically, operationally, and product-minded people, we compliment the specific dimensions of our clients’ teams and businesses with an eye to long-term success.

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Corporate Venturing Services: Re-imagining approaches to innovation & venturing

Successful companies are constantly seeking ways to improve and innovate. However, often the initiatives and structures required for innovation require internal re-alignment, consolidation and transparency. Through our Corporate Venturing offerings, we set the foundations and structures for better ROI on innovation.

With validated approaches designed to create measurable impact, we advise our clients on their innovation challenges with respect to business building, partnering (e.g. with startups), venture operations, and investing (e.g. through Corporate Venture Capital), venture due diligence, and innovation asset exit strategies.

Core benefits

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Team and Ecosystem

Our team of venture architects and product specialists are entrepreneurs at heart and enjoy access to Deloitte’s worldwide network of over 300.000 experts and professionals. Externally, we are deeply engaged with local startup and corporate venturing communities and create value for our clients through our strategic alliances and partnerships.

This means we can flexibly staff and consult with any specialist required to accelerate your Business Build or Corporate Venture strategy.

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Matin Ebrahimchel

Matin Ebrahimchel

Managing Director | Deloitte Digital GmbH, Innovation & Ventures

Matin Ebrahimchel is a Partner and leads the Innovation & Ventures offering at Deloitte. Previously, he was the founder and CEO of LAB1886 GmbH at Daimler, where he identified, incubated and built new... Mehr

Andy Goldstein

Andy Goldstein

Sector Lead Private Equity

Andy Goldstein is a Partner with Deloitte Consulting, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Deloitte Digital GmbH and co-leads the Digital Ventures Service Line. He is also Co-Founder and Executive Dire... Mehr

Philippe Bahlburg

Philippe Bahlburg


Philippe Bahlburg is Director at Deloitte Innovation & Ventures. Prior to joining Deloitte, he was COO of Lab1886. He leverages his deep expertise in leading highly competitive teams to ideate, valida... Mehr