Cyber Resilience

Secure. Vigilant. Resilient.

As cyber attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated, organizations and their leadership need to take a dynamic and proactive approach to protect their business in today’s rapidly changing threat environment.

With cyber incidents and security breaches on the rise, it has become more likely that an attack can penetrate an organization. Organizations still rely on outdated security technology and do not change their mindset to protect against threats. Business leaders need to change their traditional approach to manage vulnerabilities and introduce new security methods. It is vital that organizations know that their valuable information, processes, technology and people are secure and how they have to respond and recover from an incident. In today’s world, resilience has become a strategic imperative for an organization for further existence and is no longer an one-off exercise. Resilience demands for long-term measures in order to be achieved and maintained and requires the adoption of new skills, habits and practices.


Our solution

For an organization to become resilient to attacks, it calls for a shift in mindset that changes how risks and potential impacts are perceived. Organizations need to broaden the scope of involvement at the top of the organization and start focusing on business risk, not just technology and security controls. This also involves the ability to reprioritize and refocus tasks and actions to mitigate the impact of a disruption. Resilience in organizations aims to improve the ability to anticipate, prepare for, respond and adapt to incidents, thereby limiting and mitigating damage. Deloitte’s Cyber Resilience team essentially brings Red Teaming, Continuity Management, Incident Response and Cyber Forensics together to improve and strengthen organizational resilience.

  • Red Team
  • Incident Response
  • Cyber Forensics
Red Team

Our innovative Red Team approach follows the systematic application of analysis techniques from the perspective of an attacker. By acting from a hostile perspective, we uncover digital, physical and social vulnerabilities and challenge executives’ and employees’ ability to react under realistic conditions. Our Red Team concept combines four interrelated managed service elements, i.e. Intel Service, War Games, Red Team Tests and Resilience Training to improve organizational resilience.

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Incident Response

Our incident response service aims to address many variants of possible incidents and focuses on restoring normal business operations. We use an agile approach based on internationally recognized standards and best practices for incident response. We investigate cyber security incidents, help clients to identify critical responses and support with post-incident mitigation and remediation.

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Business Continuity Management (BCM) & IT Service Continuity Management (ITSCM)

Our Business Continuity and IT Service Continuity Management as well as Crisis Management services ensure the continuity of critical business activities in the face of adverse events. We support you from conceptualizing policies, implementing a continuity management including tools over the management of the respective capabilities and training programs. In addition, we connect the partly different requirements from Information Security, Business Continuity & IT Service Continuity Management as well as Crisis Management in an overarching concept.

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Cyber Forensics

Our cyber forensics support service helps security teams to effectively analyze a security incident, security breach, or attack. Our support may be requested due to a lack of resources, technologies or expertise in the organization to effectively answer cyber forensics questions.

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Our services help organizations to:

  • proactively identify threats and vulnerabilities
  • prepare to handle critical cyber incidents, return to normal operations, and repair damage to the business
  • swiftly and coordinated response to incidents
  • raise awareness of employees
  • learn from past events in order to be better prepared in the future

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