Perceive – Understand your market and competitors

We help decision-makers detect future driving forces. By combining human expertise with the objectivity of AI, we provide a holistic, tailored overview of relevant topics. We focus on identifying trends and drivers of markets and industries, as well as developments in the competitive environment

The ability to perceive obvious facts is essential for strategy definition, but enterprises looking to future-proof their strategies must also identify the, sometimes counterintuitive, driving forces that are hidden just below the surface.

In our Perceive phase, we help clients get the big-picture view as well as detailed insights on the respective market environment and topic.

For this purpose, we use our on Artificial Intelligence (AI) based trend-sensing and analysis tool, Deep View, and are thereby going beyond the traditional market research. Deep View is capable of collecting, analyzing and clustering datasets from news and blogs sources as well as from patent and company data. With the support of the AI-tool, our experts do a highly tailored market research. We conduct a broad screening of the world, identify trend clusters, analyze company and competitor investment patterns, and determine patent developments in the market. The on Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Deep View uses state-of-the-art natural language processing algorithms to interpret ideas and opinions expressed in written language and to cluster information bits by topics. This allows for rapid detection of emerging market trends with a high level of objectivity. The generated insights are enhanced and validated through expert interviews. By pairing Deloitte’s global expert network with client knowledge, we can understand the complexities of certain market movements.

The unique combination of AI-driven Deep View analysis and human expertise enables us to identify driving forces that have the potential to significantly shape the future, thus, helping our clients on the important journey from trend-sensing to sense-making.
In this process step, we empower clients to …

  • Rapidly detect emerging trends, hidden patterns and public discourse 
  • Achieve the highest levels of objectivity by combining AI with human expertise
  • Gain a holistic and tailored overview of relevant topics
  • Simplify unstructured data and complex topics

On the journey to building a future-proof strategy, this initial research phase is only the starting point. All generated insights are in a next step used to develop well-founded scenarios, depicting four extreme, yet plausible futures. These are used to conduct a thorough analysis of the existing strategy or the development of a new future-proof strategy. Learn more about the scenario planning and strategy enhancement here.

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Dr. Florian Klein

Dr. Florian Klein

Director | Strategy & Business Design

Dr. Florian Klein is an advisor, corporate strategist and futures thinker with extensive experience in providing strategic counsel to senior decision makers at leading multi-national corporations and ... Mehr

Maximilian Schulze-Frölich

Maximilian Schulze-Frölich

Senior Manager | Monitor Deloitte

Maximilian Schulze-Frölich ist Senior Manager des Center for the Long View. Während seiner beruflichen Laufbahn hat Herr Schulze-Frölich zahlreiche globale Strategieprojekte bei internationalen Untern... Mehr