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The client is administering the clean hydrogen industrial hubs programme to support the establishment of hubs in the regional clean hydrogen sector. In regard to the criteria to determine the feasibility of hydrogen export hubs, precincts, cities and regions and to assess the supply chain infrastructure needed to support those hubs, a number of locations were identified of which we were to analyze and ensure that they would meet the programme objectives.
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Ellen Derrick, Gaurav Sareen, Luke Houghton i.a.


Over 30 potential hydrogen export locations have been identified in Australia and the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources (DISER) is administering the $434 million clean hydrogen industrial hubs programme to support the establishment of hubs in regional Australia and grow the Australian clean hydrogen sector. The purpose of this engagement with the client is to assess applications against the merit criteria, work closely with the programme's assessment committee to prepare recommendations to the Minister for Energy and provide strategic advice regarding implementation plans.


To ensure the delivery of value and impact we are engaging in two processes. For one, performing an assessment including planning, triage, evaluation and reporting. Moreover, implementing the results of the assessment including planning, evaluation and reporting. We are supporting the client by supplying our expert advisory services to provide an assessment of the most eligible applications for the programme and also provide financial advisory to meet the funding requirements. For successful risk management and secure legal compliance, a TCFD fit-gap analysis was performed. In this step, the ESG consideration within the enterprise valuation was integrated. The fourth sub-package focused on corporate reporting, to ensure compliance with regulatory obligations for FY2021, especially the tagging of green Revenues, CapEx, and OpEx according to the EU taxonomy. A further sub-package about communication included a comprehensive stakeholder analysis, competitive benchmarking, and calibration by the related definition and prioritization of measures.


Deloitte identified the most meritorious regional hydrogen hubs in clean hydrogen sector for the client.


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