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The planet is our most valuable resource. We help you realize a net-zero emissions future and tap into the trillion-euro transformation to a sustainability economy. Deloitte Sustainability & Climate GmbH (DSC) has been founded to meet the challenge of the global climate crisis and the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) transformation. We are the vanguard for end-to-end services making an impact in every corner of the world. There is no single technology, business model, or idea that will future-proof your business. With over a century of experience, Deloitte is uniquely placed to support you in making and implementing bold decisions with urgency and care. Combining our expertise in digital transformation, risk management, and compliance with our track record of future-proofing rules and regulations, our teams will guide your organization on its decarbonization and ESG journey starting today.

We are is in the business of adding zeros. 

Sustainability & Climate Services

ESG Strategy & Governance

Map out your decarbonization journey

Decarbonization is critical to any ESG strategy. We chart the path to net-zero business together with you, and just as importantly, we will take the first steps with you now. Setting the goal of net-zero is only the beginning, because we are a market maker and catalyst for every aspect of your ESG agenda. Building on our thought leadership and proprietary tools including the new GreenLight solution, we keep you ahead of the curve. There are no half measures nor reduction of only scope 1 and 2 emissions. The world-leading companies of tomorrow will be champions of sustainability from factory floor to boardroom, from production to distribution, from raw material all the way to disposal.

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Data Management & Digital Enablement

Digititalization of carbon and ESG

Deloitte is a leader in deploying digitalization and data to drive performance. We channel this expertise to deeply embed ESG and sustainability goals into your organization. We bring Deloitte’s vast digital experience to ensure that getting your business and organization ready for a net-zero sustainable future reinforces performance-oriented business management. Reinventing and expanding your business with a focus on ESG principles is not a one-off, but a multi-year transformation. Our dedicated digital tools and databases, integrated into the new GreenLight solution, tie in seamlessly with those of our world-leading alliance partners such as SAP, Salesforce, AWS and IBM, to ensure the best data and best tools for long-term management of your organization’s ESG strategy. We use digitalization to reinforce sustainability and accelerate the transition to a net-zero sustainable future.

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Sustainable Value Chain

Sustainability implemented

From setting travel budgets to tendering the next strategic supply contract, carbon emissions and the broader ESG impacts must be factored into all decisions and affect your entire value chain. Deloitte’s global teams and leading decarbonization solutions help inform your decisions, large or small, and move your business forward on your decarbonization journey. In a fast-changing world where climate risks challenge common sense, we help you build resilience into your organization, teams, and supply chain, making sure your information is always up to date on emissions, incentives, and physical risks. The transition to net-zero is larger than any single organization, and we build on our vast network of clients and partners to expand your own ensuring that your supply chain is transformed along with your own operations. We maximize sustainability initiatives you have already started, from solar power and energy efficiency to supply chain due diligence, and make sure they reach all the way to meet net-zero emissions and your ESG vision.

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Regulation & Public Services

Regulating the path to 2045

In recent decades, the public sector has played a key role in making renewables the cheapest energy resource available. Bringing nations together for the Paris Agreement sent a clear message that a net-zero emissions future is not a nice-to-have but an existential task for the whole world. Our teams have helped governments and the public sector in all corners of the globe optimize rules and regulations for maximum impact, and cut through complex global issues at a local level. If businesses face pressure to prepare for a net-zero future, so do governments, public sector agencies, and NGOs. They must lead by example and redesign the marketplace for a sustainable future. As we push ahead with the transition to net-zero, the public sector will have to lead more decisively and effectively than ever to ensure that the greatest transformation of our generation is just and swift.

Zerograding government.

ESG Reporting & Steering

Bringing carbon emission into focus

Carbon is the new currency, but we don’t yet know how to fully account for it. We provide the data and expertise needed to capture, monitor, and analyze your carbon footprint, but we don’t stop there. The real challenge is continuously improving and tracking carbon accounting and your key ESG metrics all the way to the tier-n supplier and throughout the product life cycle. We build on more than 175 years at the vanguard of accounting and auditing to ensure that your emissions become finance-grade, as accessible as your expenses, and your decarbonization strategy is always in focus. Our team brings the commitment and expertise in ESG to combine Deloitte's tools, such as the new GreenLight solution, with the tools from our alliances of the TechHub to ensure that sustainability reporting and emissions countdown are seamlessly integrated into the fabric of your organization.

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Change & Communications

Regenerating with purpose

Putting sustainability and ESG at the heart of your brand and corporate identity with integrity: This is the new glue that can bind employees, customers, suppliers, corporations and investors together. We help make sustainability and ESG priorities part of your organization’s core, with a clear net-zero vision. Most importantly we enable you to back it up with the right actions. Building trust around the shared purpose of reducing emissions, embracing diversity and environmental stewardship, builds resilience. But an organization can only live its values by providing upskilling and training for everyone, and by bringing corporate speak into line with water cooler conversations. In the midst of uncertainty and change, sustainability-first can reaffirm bonds that have been strained and broken in the organization and in the supply chain. People and organizations seek to do the right thing, and we will help you build the systems for it.

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Industry Sectors

Automotive; Transportation, Hospitality & Services

Driving into the future

Transportation is at the heart of the net-zero transition, and the automotive industry is facing unprecedented challenges in every part of the value chain. Supply chains are challenged by climate risks and wars, and personal car ownership by sustainable sharing models. We see the opportunity to reshape an entire industry and unlock new value for leaders who seize the initiative to take responsibility, build resilience, and gain the respect of their peers, employees, and customers. Transition to a net-zero future is the only way forward, and our end-to-end service and solutions are dedicated to achieve your ESG goals based on your organization’s risks and opportunities. Phase out what no longer has a place in a net-zero future and retool the production lines and organization to shape tomorrow’s mobility.

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Industrial Products & Construction; Energy & Chemicals

Hard-to-decarbonize just raises the stakes

The world as we know it is changing in real time and we need to change with it. Transformation is not just the right thing to do. It is the only thing to do: We need to come together to build a defossilized industrial ecosystem based on renewable energy, electrification, electrofuels, circular economy products and negative emissions technology. Our vast pool of experts have diverse backgrounds and experience that help you zero in on the right options for your sustainability journey. And throughout the transformation our digital solutions make sure you keep emissions in focus when you make important decisions all the way to net-zero. Hard-to-abate sectors such as iron and steel, heavy transport, chemicals, and food production represent more than 80% of carbon emissions worldwide, and are core pieces of the puzzle for a net-zero sustainable future. We have a vision for each sector and we want to help you shape your market, refine your strategy, and build resilience in the face of adversity. We believe net-zero is not a zero-sum game but a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build a better future.

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Power, Utilities & Renewables

Accelerating the transition

Electricity and power generation have spearheaded the clean energy transition, and the industry is leading the journey to net-zero. Underpinning every part of decarbonization, abundant zero-emission energy is the backbone of a net-zero economy. We are fast entering mid-transition, and the next decade is crucial for established industry leaders and challengers alike to ensure a swift but also just transition. Power grids are shifting to a more decentralized system where renewable power generation and different energy storage systems challenge the established rules of energy markets. The paradigm shift in energy markets induced by the Russia-Ukraine war only exacerbates the need to reach net-zero. Technology and regulations will shape the transition, and we are here to give our clients end-to-end support in its design and execution. Turning stranded assets into sustainable assets, we are in the business of adding zeros: for carbon, capacity, and capital.

Zerograding power.

Financial Services

Allocating Climate Capital

The financial services industry has been at the forefront of acknowledging the new reality of net-zero and sustainability requirements. Investment increasingly focuses on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) targets and requires business to change, not the planet. Focus is everything to us and we focus on creating a buzz rather than buzzwords, from the board room to the factory floor to make sure emission targets and ESG metrics create impact where it matters. Reshaping our economies to a net-zero sustainable future is not only the greatest challenge, but the greatest investment opportunity of our time. As a trusted partner to financial institutions across the world, we measure your impact and chart a course that navigates market disruptions from regulations, technology, and physical climate risks.

Zerograding finance.

Government & Public Sector

Effective climate leadership

Over the past decades, the public sector has played a key role in making renewables the cheapest energy resource available today. Bringing nations together for the Paris Agreement sent a clear message that a net-zero emissions future is not a nice-to-have but an existential task for the whole world. Our teams have helped governments and the public sector in all corners of the globe to optimize rules and regulations for maximum impact and cut through the complexity of global issues on a local level. If businesses face pressure to get ready for a net-zero future, so do governments, public sector agencies and NGOs: They need to lead by example and redesign the marketplace for a sustainable future. As we enter mid-transition towards net-zero, the public sector will have to lead more effectively than ever to ensure a just and swift conclusion of the greatest transformation humanity has ever attempted.

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Technology, Media & Telecom

Digital ESG and decarbonizing digital

The transition to a net-zero sustainable future is a challenge to established business everywhere and provides new entrants with opportunities. Start-ups, scale-ups, and spin-offs today get rolling with an unprecedented focus on sustainability from the start. They also deploy the latest technology from artificial intelligence, big data, the internet-of-things (IOT) to block chain, the sharing economy, and from novel biofuels and electrofuels to next-generation clean power. We combine our expertise from all corners of the world to support new ventures in speeding up the transition to net-zero, and sharpening focus on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues from the get-go. We are market makers who help bring your products and services to customers faster and make sure that your impact towards a net-zero sustainable future is maximized beyond your own operations.

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