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In our approach to provide the client with high-level recommendations and a roadmap to address gaps as well as to stay ahead of ESG requirements and expectations globally, we arranged a two-phased strategy of firstly understanding the current ESG landscape, current position and probable lacks and secondly enhancing the client's method of staying ahead of expectations and further regulations.
US-American Bank Holding Company

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Kristen Sullivan Beck, Ricardo Martinez i.a.


The client has aimed to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Leading practice market intelligence to position the client as an ESG leader in supply chain and operations;

  2. Moving with a sense of urgency to prepare for anticipated global operations and supply chain sustainability-related regulatory requirements, and evolving market expectations;

  3. Mechanisms to obtain ongoing timely insights to quickly mobilize around pending global ESG requirements and trends for 2022 and beyond;

  4. High-level recommendations and roadmap to address current gaps and capabilities to remain ahead of ESG requirements and expectations globally.


Deloitte’s two-phased approach provided clear and tangible value to the client. In the first phase we analyzed the current state to understand the current ESG landscape including key players, leading practices, and evolving legislative and regulatory developments. Moreover, we determined the client's current position and gaps. In phase 2 we conducted a Target State Analysis by enhancing the client’s approach to stay ahead of expectations and future regulations (based on results of Phase 1 assessment).


We assisted the client in determining their position and future aim within the ESG landscape, identifying relevant sustainability topics and revising their business strategy. We also identified the relevant material topics, following a five-step activity plan and analyzed as well as categorized market expectations so that the client knew the most recent status on emerging trends. In phase two recommendations were made and adapted with personnel through interviews and workshops and a high-level strategic roadmap developed so that the client knew which short- and long-term actions to take. Monitoring opportunities were deployed to also provide the client with support for their three-year action roadmap.


We delivered the leading practice and market intelligence as well as providing insights and strategies to become and also stay an ESG leader in supply chain and operations.


Lydia Neuhuber

Managing Director Deloitte Sustainability & Climate GmbH
Sustainability Consulting Lead Germany

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