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We are in the midst of a fast-tracked industrial revolution for a net-zero sustainable future. To rise to this challenge, Deloitte has set up Deloitte Sustainability & Climate GmbH, headquartered in Berlin, to focus and expand our contribution toward this important goal. For our team, the question is not if we will cut carbon emissions to zero, but how to get there swiftly and safely. We are in the business of building the marketplaces, business models, and regulatory frameworks that make the future sustainable, and we are throwing everything at it. Deloitte’s vast network of expertise cuts across borders and industries and stands ready to help our clients transition and succeed under new sustainability and ESG paradigms.

Zerograding is our business.

Leading the charge to net-zero

Our leadership team applies its experience, track record, and dedication to net-zero sustainability with confidence and vision.

Zerograde with us today.

Our people

Our team is dedicated to our mission: a net-zero sustainable future. We apply our experience and expertise to zero in on action for our clients. We bring passion and focus to zerograding and draw on Deloitte’s end-to-end capabilities to address these global challenges, sustainably and reliably, by building global net-zero and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) solutions with our clients.

Bernhard Lorentz

Managing Partner Deloitte Sustainability & Climate GmbH
Global Consulting Sustainability & Climate Strategy Leader

Bernhard Lorentz has dedicated his career to two major goals: Decarbonization of industries and improvement of public service. He is a renowned policy advisor, especially focusing on global energy and decarbonization strategies. In his role, he acts at the interface between government, industry and academia, advising clients in the automotive, chemical, basic materials and financial industries. Bernhard serves on numerous boards of public, academic, and philanthropic institutions in Germany and the United States. He is the founder of various think tanks in the field including Agora Energiewende, MCC and the Climate Neutrality Foundation and served as chairman of the Mercator Foundation.

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Lydia Neuhuber

Managing Director Deloitte Sustainability & Climate GmbH
Sustainability Consulting Lead Germany

Lydia Neuhuber is passionate about making businesses better by making them more sustainable. She leads the sustainability practice at Deloitte Germany and has focused on supporting end-to-end environmental, social, and governance transformations with multiple multi-national clients throughout her career. Combining financial performance with sustainable impact in the operations, Lydia focuses on linking ESG board-room commitments with tangible actions on the factory floor.

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Carsten Auel

Leadership Team Deloitte Sustainability & Climate GmbH
Director Sustainable Finance

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Jörg Engels

Leadership Team Deloitte Sustainability & Climate GmbH
Chief Strategy Officer Deloitte Deutschland

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Sascha Mauries

Leadership Team Deloitte Sustainability & Climate GmbH
Director Consulting

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Vanessa Grimm-Rohn

Leadership Team Deloitte Sustainability & Climate GmbH
Manager Consulting

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Do you want to help shape the net-zero future? The time to do is now!

Because sustainability and the climate crisis affect us all we should not leave the solution in the hands of a few. We want to combine all our expertise, knowledge and experiences, seeking new and better ways to get us moving faster to a net-zero sustainable future. Be part of the solution and let's zero in on zerograding today!

Vision & Impact

The complexities of the climate crisis and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) challenges can be overwhelming. Yet, we believe we have the tools and ideas to change the world for the better in this transformation. Words must become action in the form of bold decisions that accelerate a net-zero sustainable transition and ESG transformation. And to make sure our actions speak louder than our words, we measure our impact not only in dollars and euros, but in carbon emissions and tangible results toward ESG goals — continuously!

Change how you do business. Not the planet.

We drive real change in business and society. We don’t just talk about decarbonization and ESG, we make it happen. Today.

We see ourselves as market makers: We help design future-proof investment strategies, help optimize new regulation, and identify new markets where decarbonization and sustainability turn from obligation to business opportunity. We believe ESG and sustainability mandates will shape the business model of the future, transforming a stranded-asset risk into sustainable asset, and turning disillusionment into purpose for organizations and customers.

Join us!Join us!

End-to-end in every corner of the world.

We know there is no silver bullet. Only together can technology, business, and politics succeed, and our vast network of industry, regulatory, and finance experts across the world thrives on bringing all of them together with a purpose. ESG challenges and the climate crisis are global, and Deloitte is a truly global organization providing end-to-end services, from strategy and operations to marketing and finance. We cut through complexity so our clients can act today to become the industry leaders of tomorrow. Sustainability is the future, and we embrace it together with you.

Summing down to net-zero is no game.

Enough is not enough when it comes to sustainable business solutions. Integrity comes first, and our clients must fully commit to a net-zero future. Sustainability and ESG must take center stage as we chart a path to new solutions that fundamentally change the way business is done. We will continue to deploy existing solutions, but that is no longer enough. Every day we discover new and sometimes unconventional methods to better and faster deliver on the promise of a net-zero sustainable future. And the significance of truly embracing the path to a net-zero sustainable future in itself is something remarkable: a new beginning.

Counting what matters

Net-zero action

Thought leadership is no longer enough for today’s challenges, and we hold ourselves to an even higher standard. We insist that each project delivers results in line with a sustainable net-zero future. We choose our projects, as a company and individually, in terms of their potential to bring down carbon emissions and progress towards clearly defined ESG goals. That way, we are sure to maximize our own impact.

Continuously counting down

Our efforts to deliver net-zero are ongoing, with constant measurement and a focus on zero. We take track projects based not only on traditional metrics, but especially on the potential to reduce emissions and progress towards net-zero. Let us grow your business and not your emissions.

Sustainability means more than emissions

We believe the climate crisis requires a laser focus. But for successful transition to a net-zero sustainable future, everyone must benefit from this new world. Like our clients, we track a wide range of sustainability and ESG metrics in an effort to ensure that climate wealth drives a just transition.

Our WorldClimate strategy and commitmentsOur WorldClimate strategy and commitments

Actions speak louder than words

We believe this must start with your team because the climate crisis concerns us all. We should not leave it in the hands of a few. The exceptional individuals on our team, like all of us, make an impact with their choices every day.

Zerograding – because it matters

We believe that for something this important there needs to be a word. We call it Zerograding—upgrading for a net-zero sustainable future.