Conception of an ESG Management System for true impact

The client's aim was to implement a future-proof system for ESG management for efficient steering of sustainability-related actions based on client's the sustainability strategy and to meet the compulsory ESG regulatory requirements of the European Union. As a part of the project, we were was asked to support and ensure that all activities, derived from the strategy, are anchored operationally in the organization, processes, and systems to maximise the impact.
Globally operating German automobile manufacturer

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Holger Weuste, Lydia Neuhuber, Sascha Mauries i.a.


During the project, we collaborated with the client to develop a Sustainability Operating Model, including organizational anchoring and implementation of a central control element for sustainability management in the company. To ensure the establishment of the new system and its following measures in all departments we developed company-specific guidelines. Moreover, we aimed at creating a holistic steering model and reporting system as part of corporate guidelines as well as a detailed handbook. As part of the implementation, we set ourselves the goal  to  design a holistic, cross-departmental IT target architecture, considering relevant system and process requirements.


We impacted and delivered values to the client on different levels: First and foremost by enabling the organization to implement and keep up their ESG Management System. Deloitte also established transparency about necessary capabilities, measures and creating a clear and concise allocation of responsibilities. Together with our client we defined a catalog of prioritized ESG-related KPIs including data processes for relevant KPIs. Furthermore, we created a new training concept for the specific capabilities that employees need to fulfil for the system requirements. Deloitte implemented a new IT system to steer and report ESG KPIs, and therefore, ESG-related targets and activities. Finally, we created a timeline for a recurring cycle of target setting, communication activities and revision of KPIs that can help the client's ESG Management System running and up to date.


Lydia Neuhuber

Managing Director Deloitte Sustainability & Climate GmbH
Sustainability Consulting Lead Germany

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