Business meets Design


Business meets Design

Creative change starts here – a fresh take on Design Thinking

One of the buzziest concepts discussed in business over the past several years is Design Thinking – and for good reason. This idea-inspiring, culture-building and revenue-driving approach is used by the likes of Airbnb and Apple. We at Deloitte Digital have been practicing, mastering and tweaking the method so that it captures even more value for our clients. We are excited to introduce in our latest white paper this game-changing way of thinking and working: Explore, Experiment, Expedite (E3). "Business meets Design: Creative change starts here" discusses how E3 helps generate innovative ideas, iteratively validate hypotheses and pragmatically implement the results. Our white paper also shows how our method complements each area of our complete service offering, designed to change organizations from the inside out and the outside in. We consider ourselves true partners of our clients – meeting them at any point in the journey, whether they are human-centered design veterans or novices.

In the long version of our white paper, you can find excerpts from interviews conducted with Design Thinking experts from a variety of industries along with our own case studies. The key takeaways from our research are outlined below.

The Approach

  • Based on Design Thinking theory, the three phases of E3 (Explore, Experiment, Expedite) correspond to six core activities or steps that form the process wheel
  • Combining E3 with digital business is our key to galvanizing any organization’s system and culture to create significant value for the customer and measurable impact on revenue
  • For many large organizations, E3 is about both leveraging strengths and revising outdated methods, avoiding barriers that hinder iteration and agility 

The Value

  • Qualitative and quantitative research have proved that human-centered design is both relevant and beneficial to any industry or department
  • By focusing on three elements – customer appetite, technical workability and economic vitality – E3 equips organizations to identify new opportunities, empower key leaders within the organization and introduce efficient process that translate into bottom-line growth

Deloitte Digital partners with you to…

  1. …hone an empathetic understanding of your customer to dramatically influence the direction of your business decision-making 
  2. …envision how E3 can invigorate strategic and innovative measures within your own industry
  3. …obtain C-level support from the outset to implement human-centered design throughout the entire organization 
  4. …create an environment where failure is an option and defensible risks are encouraged to drive change and profit
  5. …select, educate and empower key managers and internal leaders to become creative problem-solvers

For more information about the white paper, please contact Pranjal Hegde.



Explore, Experiment, Expedite
Explore, Experiment, Expedite
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