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IT Business Management

We enable IT organizations to deliver digital services and products. With proven digital-ready processes, organizational blueprints, service automation tools, security solutions and financial instruments we support IT leadership teams to fulfill business needs proactively.

Service Portfolio

Fast IT

Implement the digital agenda and develop customer-centric solutions leveraging approaches like DevOps and Open API

IT Organization & TOM

Build an IT Target Operation Model and organization, aligned with the client’s business strategy, current industry trends and ready for Right-Speed IT

IT Service Management

Enable the development and operation of best-in-class IT Service Management models and empower IT organizations to leverage synergies from next generation agile standards

IT Financial Management

Achieve cost and revenue transparency as well as efficiency in demand and delivery, identifying influencing cost drivers

IT Security & Compliance

Safeguard digital assets by using a lean information security approach that balances compliance, risk and IT efficiency

Service Offerings

Fast IT

Right-Speed IT Assessment

Q: Where do you want to position your IT organization to make it digitally effective?

Based on client’s strategy, a discussion on the dimensions of the Right-Speed IT framework leads to the identification of dedicated roadmap initiatives.

Agile Culture Transformation

Q: Is your organizational culture ready to start the journey to a Right-Speed IT?

With the Deloitte culture path framework & transformation approach, we can support your organization achieving the journey to a Right-Speed IT. 

DevOps Transformation

Q: How to create an end-to-end team responsibility for development and operations of an application?

We will support your iterative DevOps transformation journey as an E2E service from the organizational transformation to technology delivery.

Open API Enablement

Q: How to reduce IT costs and tap on revenue with new digital business models through (Open) APIs?

We help you to navigate and leverage an API architecture to create a seamless customer experience and decouple silo backend-frontend-systems.

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IT Organization & TOM

High-level Planning of Organizational Transformation

  • Deloitte has developed a phased approach for structuring and delivering an IT Target Operating Model to enable the application of a corporate strategy or vision to an IT business or operation
  • Providing practice proven frameworks and best practices in order to generate longer term opportunities by understanding the key business issues and improvement opportunities

Design & Implementation of Principles & Scenarios

  • Design multiple variants of potential operating models and identify implementation requirements
  • Outline key instruments in order to support the favored scenario, develop the business case and establish a detailed implementation roadmap

NextGen IT Organization Models

  • IT operating model design must take into account the drivers and trends that are radically changing the way CIOs and IT functions must operate in the future
  • Generating value and flexibility through new sourcing models

IT Service Management

ITSM Methodology (Strategy, Design & Implementation)

  • Analysis and evaluation of process landscapes based on proven IT/ITSM maturity assessments, incl. identification of gaps along current ITSM processes
  • Development of ITSM capabilities along established global standards (e.g. ITIL V3, COBIT 5)
  • Support of the design and the implementation of specifically adapted ITSM methodologies, incl. ITSM core aspects like IT service lifecycle and IT service catalogue

ITSM Organization

  • End-to-end guidance of service oriented IT reorganizations with detailed process knowledge, incl. key activities, predefined roles, clear responsibilities, and relevant KPIs
  • Design of building blocks of an IT Service Management organization (e.g. service descriptions, service workflows, process profiles, and process roles)
  • Provision of practice proven accelerators to realize quick wins

NextGen ITSM

  • Provision of enhanced frameworks and future-ready IT process maps by combining ITSM frameworks with DevOps approach and Right-Speed IT to answer current IT challenges 
  • Provision of capabilities to support the digital transformation of ITSM organizations
  • Modernization of specific ITSM processes by adapting next generation concepts and combination with agile methods

IT Financial Management

IT Budget Management

  • Help to establish yearly IT budget planning process derived from corporate strategy
  • Delivering methods / tools for setting up and running business cases

IT Spend Management

  • Establishing IT cost containment framework and transparency
  • Providing methods for evaluating IT cost cutting potentials and delivering solutions for implementation

IT Service Charging

  • Establishing best practices for IT service charging approaches
  • Providing IT service charging evaluation tools

IT Performance Management and Benchmarking

  • Establishing reporting framework and providing best practices for IT controlling
  • Providing IT financial KPIs and cost data from peer clients

IT Security & Compliance

IT Compliance

  • Supporting compliance program design and control testing
  • Establishing compliance monitoring, assessments and provide regulatory consulting

ISMS Effectiveness

  • Measuring the performance and effectiveness of your ISMS implementations based on ISO Standards
  • Demonstrating the value of IT and IT security processes and related controls

Cloud Security

  • Help to define a comprehensive cloud security strategy
  • Providing GRC services (Governance, Risk and Compliance), cloud assurance services and data security services

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Jochen Fauser

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