Next Generation ITSM

Making IT Service Management ready for the digital age

Combining ITSM frameworks with DevOps Approach and Right Speed IT will answer current IT challenges regarding agile ITSM

Technology changes the world in a more disruptive way than ever before. This also influences the way companies need to design their service management structures and processes in order to be able to quickly react to changing customer demands.    

In our Point of View “NextGen ITSM” we take a closer look at the influence of digitalization and disruptive technologies on IT Service Management and specifically on ITIL processes, which are often strongly linked with the whole company structure and therefore have a massive influence on the service quality a company delivers to its clients. We analyze which effects those trends have on ITIL processes and what companies need to consider and adapt if they want to stay competitive.    

Based on this leading question we identified three dimensions a company should take a closer look on in order to analyze improvement areas:

  • Processes: Which ITSM processes do I have and how do they need to be adapted in order to meet new technology requirements? Which processes are missing and how can they be implemented in an agile way to make them agile?
  • Collaboration: How does the collaboration between Business and IT have to look like in order to ensure a quick realization of the fast changing customer and market demands?
  • Integration: How can a company ensure that implemented processes are refined and adapted to the changing environment on a constant basis without the need of a big transformation project? How to bring the new role concept for a closer collaboration for Business and IT to live?

To outline the particular problem statement of each dimension we formulated three main hypotheses:

  • Process Dimension: ITIL as only ITSM framework is no longer sufficient to design a future process map
  • Collaboration Dimension: ITIL in combination with DevOps leads to better results in digital operation models
  • Integration Dimension: Agile frameworks are helpful to facilitate an enterprise adoption

With experts from practice and science, we elaborated the hypotheses in detail and based on the results we defined solution approaches to respond to current challenges companies are facing.

For example, we adopted a sample ITSM reference architecture for DevOps based on the ITIL lifecycle and DevOps Capabilities. It describes which DevOps capabilities can be applied for which part of the ITIL service lifecycle in order to utilize the advantages of both the new and the old world.

Next Generation ITSM - Making IT Service Management ready for the digital age

Furthermore, we provide a questionnaire that helps to quickly identify the most urgent topics that need to be solved first in order to quick start adapting the ITSM structures and processes.

As the booklet highlights, each of these three dimensions needs to be considered carefully on the journey to a digitized and agile ITSM landscape in order to choose the best approach for a particular challenge.

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