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Deloitte Review 20

Smart cities and the future of mobility

The Deloitte Review issue 20 features Deloitte’s latest thinking on crucial business issues. The current edition focuses on two key trends and analyzes their management implications: smart cities and the future of mobility.


Will anyone still drive cars in years to come, or will the cars do all the driving themselves? How could technology transform our urban environments? And what does it really mean for a city to be “smart”? Deloitte Review’s 20th issue looks ahead to explore two science-fiction futures that are fast becoming reality: smart cities and the future of mobility.


The future of mobility: What`s next? Tomorrow’s mobility ecosystem—and how to succeed in it

Scott Corwin, Nick Jameson, Derek M. Pankratz, Philipp Willigmann

Frictionless, automated, personalized travel on demand—that’s the dream of the future of mobility. And the extended auto ecosystem's various elements are coalescing to realize that dream sooner than expected, which means that incumbents and disruptors need to move at top speed to get on board.

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The race to autonomous driving: Winning American consumers’ trust it

By Craig Giffi, Joe Vitale, Ryan Robinson, and Gina Pingitore

Are US consumers ready for self-driving cars? Our survey shows that they’re increasingly interested in automation, particularly if it improves safety. The bad news: They’re less and less willing to spend their own money to make the future of mobility a reality.

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Framing the future of mobility: Using behavioral economics to accelerate consumer adoption

By Derek M. Pankratz, Philipp Willigmann, Sarah Kovar, and Jordan Sanders

When it comes to shared mobility and autonomous vehicles, winning consumers over could be as challenging as developing the technology. How can organizations at the leading edge of the changing mobility ecosystem encourage adoption of these new modes of transport?

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The rise of mobility as a service: Reshaping how urbanites get around

By Warwick Goodall, Tiffany Dovey Fishman, Justine Bornstein, and Brett Bonthron

Hate gridlock? Can’t find parking? Want cleaner alternatives? Mobility-as-a-service programs—with pilots in select locations already—may be coming soon to a city near you. Their potential? To solve urban density problems and make getting around easier and more efficient.

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Making cities smarter: How citizens’ collective intelligence can guide better decision making

By William D. Eggers, James Guszcza, and Michael Greene

No city planner can match the expertise dispersed among citizens. Tapping into residents’ preferences and local knowledge can yield solutions that even the best planning can’t match. At the same time, citizens can make more effective decisions when cities fuel their collective intelligence with data.

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The urban optimist: Daniel Doctoroff on the future of cities

By Scott Corwin

Cities today face a myriad of challenges, from crises of inequality to inadequate funds and services. But that doesn’t faze Sidewalk Labs CEO Daniel Doctoroff. His aim: To transform urban environments through technologies that can drive efficiency, raise accountability, and foster a deeper sense of community.

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Better pond, bigger fish: Five ways to nurture developing leaders in an ecosystem for growth

By Andrea Derler, Anthony Abbatiello, and Stacia Sherman Garr

Developing future leaders isn’t just about putting them through programs. New research points to the critical importance of supporting them with the right organizational context—a workplace environment that encourages knowledge-sharing, risk-taking, and growth.

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Cognitive collaboration: Why humans and computers think better together

Jim Guszcza, Harvey Lewis, Peter Evans- Greenwood

Some have voiced fears that artificial intelligence could replace humans altogether. But that isn’t likely. A more valuable approach may be to view machine and human intelligence as complementary, with each bringing its own strengths to the table.

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The last edition of Automotive News included a special section authored by Deloitte. The articles explore the future of mobility through a number of facets. 

  • The race to autonomous driving: Winning American consumers’ trust
  • What’s next in tomorrow’s mobility ecosystem: And how to succeed in it
  • The rise of mobility as a service: Reshaping how people get around
  • The urban optimist: An interview with Sidewalk Labs CEO Daniel Doctoroff

Download the article here.