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Key technologies such as data analytics, machine learning or process mining are also becoming increasingly important for tax and legal advice. The Deloitte Garage for Tax & Legal has set itself the goal of actively shaping this transformation process. As an innovative nucleus, the Garage brings together competencies from across Deloitte and works with internal and external idea generators to develop visionary business models and services - from initial prototyping to market-ready solutions.

A Garage represents all those who want to drive innovations and new ideas forward and implement them with inventiveness, creativity and dedication - this is also the case at Deloitte. Now in its fourth year, visionaries and creative people are working in the Deloitte Garage to shape the world of tomorrow. In a modern environment, a interdisciplinary team drives the development of innovative business models and services: "We support customers and employees from the idea to market maturity, coach them professionally and provide them with the right methods," explains Nicolai Andersen, Head of Innovation & Deloitte Garage.

Innovative business models and services will also shape the future of tax and legal advice to a very special degree: "Disruption will be a constant companion for us," emphasizes Christoph Roeper, Managing Partner of Deloitte Germany's Tax & Legal division. "We are already using key technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), which enable us to develop entirely new digital solutions," Roeper continues. In order to further expand this range of innovative services, our business unit is intensifying its cooperation with the Deloitte Garage: "Tax & Legal is very much affected by automation and digitalization, which is why we are making an even greater contribution to the Deloitte Garage," confirms Stephanie Alzuhn, Digital Leader Tax & Legal.


Deloitte Garage for Tax & Legal - Tax and Legal Advice with Wow-Effect

Under the management of Kristiina Coenen, Deloitte Garage brings together the expertise of tax & legal experts and technology experts. "Our mission is to be the leading provider and developer of innovative tax & legal services," says Coenen. In order to achieve this, the team tries to find out what needs and requirements the client of the future will have. "With this approach, which comes from Design Thinking, we want to develop new, unusual solutions with a 'wow effect'," says Coenen.

To continually improve strategic decision making, the Center for the Long View will also be embedded in the Garage, so that we use Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to identify the decisive drivers of the future and to develop valid options for action for clients. Questions which we use to develop future scenarios and options for action are among others: What services will our clients expect in five to ten years' time? How will the cooperation between man and machine develop? Which product lines have a future?

In addition to collaboration with external partners, the Deloitte Garage is brought to life by the visions of its Tax & Legal employees. Be it through suggestions for technology-driven process optimization or the early recognition of client-side needs: The Deloitte Garage is the starting point for all future-oriented ideas - no matter how crazy they may be. "The garage offers all of us many great opportunities. Many colleagues from our Service Lines are now actively contributing their ideas or joining the team directly for a couple of months," explains Coenen.

A concrete example of an innovative service made by the Deloitte Garage Tax & Legal is our VAT data analysis product. "Machine learning and process mining enable us to make precise predictions and simulate special situations for our clients," says Alzuhn. In the past, if a company wanted to stop selling a product in France and sell the same quantity in Spain instead, the resulting tax effects in the supply chain would have been a black box. Today, thanks to the enormous amount of data, accurate forecasts of opportunities and risks can be created and hypothetical fact patters can be simulated. "The use of the latest technologies enables us to offer our clients an even better service," emphasizes Alzuhn.

In short: The Deloitte Garage for Tax & Legal stands for expert knowledge, a good portion of inventiveness and the consistent use of state-of-the-art technologies. The aim is to develop innovative and sustainable digital services for the tax and legal consulting market that the market does not yet know but will need in the future. The Garage is Deloitte's future workshop.  

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