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Successful mergers are based upon a deep understanding of industry dynamics, the nature of the merging entities and well thought-out integration plans. In today’s globalized world, many deals occur cross-border and call for multijurisdictional coordination. A clear understanding of specific legislative requirements and commercial issues in the respective countries is required. Deloitte Legal assists companies with:

  • Designing suitable structures for the transaction
  • Jurisdiction choice
  • Identification of legal issues arising as a result of a merger
  • Review of contracts that could be affected by the merger
  • Drafting of documentation for the formalization and execution of the transaction

Deloitte Legal works closely with colleagues in other Deloitte business specializations such as tax, consulting, accounting and financial advisory in multiple jurisdictions to address and smooth the complexities that naturally arise from transactions. We are well qualified to assist with national and cross-border mergers in a variety of industries.

National and cross-border mergers

Joint ventures, alliances and minority participations have become key for many companies in an increasingly competitive and global market environment.

The structure and planning of joint ventures and minority participations require extensive experiences and know-how to make sure that the underlying legal framework covers all aspects of a joint venture’s lifecycle – from the governance structure of the (equity or contract) joint venture to appropriate solutions for deadlocks and exit scenarios.

Deloitte Legal does not only have the necessary legal expertise and experience in cross-border joint ventures but can also bring in experienced business professionals from other Deloitte practices (e.g. tax, financial advisory, consulting) to secure the client’s success in the contemplated joint venture.

Joint Ventures and minority investments

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