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Succession, Property and Foun­dations | Family Protocols

The proliferation of conflicts within the framework of family owned companies has resulted in a wide range of civil and corporate issues. Deloitte Legal offers advice on all matters of succession, property, foundations and other legal issues.

Succession, Property and Foundations

Succession, property and foundations require well-founded guidance due to their legal complexity, the values of the assets and not to forget the emotional side. Succession strategies in family businesses as well as the structuring and passing on of private property to the next generation constitute a major focus of Deloitte Legal. Deloitte Legal ensures that the multifaceted interplay between company law, gifts, succession, family law, foundations and taxation law is fully taken into account in the structuring and execution of transactions, thereby achieving the optimal solution for the individual client by weighing all relevant criteria. Deloitte Legal has extensive experience not only in the classical succession planning within the family and family undertakings, but also with succession arrangements through separation of family branches, MBOs, private equity or foundation models. Deloitte Legal offers comprehensive advice relating to:

  • Planning and implementation of entrepreneurial succession
  • Company and family foundations
  • Succession in property, planning for private property
  • Creation of wills, succession agreements, prenuptial contracts as well as anticipatory succession and gifts
  • Execution of wills, taking over of the position as administrator
  • Advice on management and succession problems

In particular in the tax efficient structuring Deloitte Legal lawyers work together closely with other experienced business professionals in Deloitte's tax, consulting, accounting, and financial advisory practices to provide clients with cohesive guidance. 

Familiy Protocols

The proliferation of conflicts within the framework of family owned companies has resulted in a wide range of civil and corporate issues affecting privately owned business. Deloitte Legal services in this area include assistance with:

  • Negotiation and implementation of family protocols
  • Working and other ad hoc service contracts for family members
  • Dividends and other compensation formulas and policies
  • Share transfer regimes

Deloitte Legal lawyers work with Deloitte colleagues in other business specialization such as tax, consulting, accounting and financial advisory to provide well-rounded guidance to business challenges. We tailor our approach to the industry and the specific fact patterns of individual families and their related businesses. 

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