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Information Technology and Outsourcing 

IT and outsourcing projects can increase efficiency and optimize costs. However, such projects usually pose major challenges to businesses. This is not only true as regards project management and know-how but also as regards resources and documentation.

Our team of highly specialized lawyers provides advise on large-scale IT and outsourcing projects, especially in the context of strategic IT and digitization projects (e.g. introduction or expansion of ERP, CRM or HCM systems and XaaS (Everything-as-a-Service)) as well as on the outsourcing of IT services and business processes (e.g. infrastructure outsourcing, outsourcing 3.0, BPOs and managed services).

We advise our clients starting with the strategic preparation and conception of a project (e.g. early consideration of regulatory requirements in the context of a feasibility study). We also assist with the tendering and selection of service providers (e.g. within the scope of Request-for-Quotation, Request-for-Proposal and Down-Select Procedures) and prepare required legal documentation according to our best practice approaches (including the description of the technical requirements in the specification sheets, the statements of work and the definition of milestones).

Moreover, we place particular focus on contract negotiations as well as on post-contractual project assistance. We have extensive experience in the field of IT legal project management and assist our clients in the implementation of their projects. According to our experience, at least two out of three projects fail during the implementation period or exceed budget expectations. As part of our IT-Legal Project Management, we take over your organizational tasks (e.g. change request documentation, internal coordination with relevant departments, legal communication with service providers, organization, documentation and participation in directional committee meetings) and legally secure the project's success until the go-live.

Ultimately, we also advise our clients on the negotiation or renegotiation of existing or expiring contracts (e.g. in the emergence of new technologies, changes in performance requirements or after negative profitability analyzation) as well as on distressed projects including out-of-court or judicial enforcement of claims with the support of our litigation experts.

Issues in the digital business are regularly at the intersection of law and technology and require a multidisciplinary approach. Deloitte Legal combines expertise and experience in the areas of law, tax, business consulting and IT consulting with global resources to provide cross-border interdisciplinary counselling.

Curious? Please do not hesitate to contact us! Upon request, we gladly provide an overview of our solutions for information technology and outsourcing.

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