Post-M&A and Shareholder Disputes

Even the best intentioned parties can have disputes arise after their M&A transaction has closed.  We assist all parties with post-closing dipustes.

Like any commercial activity, mergers and acquisitions are not exempt from disputes resulting from the non-performance of legal or contractual obligations by commercial counterparts. With a unique combination of transactional, accounting, valuation and dispute resolution expertise, we help our clients navigate the financial aspects of any post-M&A or shareholder dispute

Our clients’ goals

Whether appointed to act as independent expert to settle a dispute, or advise on prepared written submissions to an independent accountant, we can assist you in a post-closing M&A dispute setting where the buyer and seller are unable to reach a negotiated solution.

How can we help

Our experts have significant post-acquisition dispute experience. We are also supported by industry and jurisdiction-specific experts across our international network of member firms. This combination of industry and local expertise allows us to produce robust advice and clear and concise submissions in both English and French.

Examples of specific issues we can advise on include:

  • Completion account adjustments;
  • Earn-out calculations;
  • “Locked box” mechanism review;
  • Breach of representations & warranties claims (including M&A insurance policies claims);
  • In the context of an expert determination role, where our role consists in forming an opinion usually binding on the parties on specific accounting and/ or financial issues (e.g. article 1592 of the French Civil Code)

Added value for our clients

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Meet our experts

Our experts

Battine Edwards

Battine Edwards

Associée Forensic, Disputes

Battine s’est spécialisée dans la quantification de préjudice financier et dans l’évaluation d’entreprises dans le cadre de procédures d’arbitrage international. Elle a mené de nombreuses missions aup... En savoir plus

Daniel Patiño

Daniel Patiño

Directeur, Business Valuation & Modeling

Daniel a plus de 10 ans d’expérience en évaluation d'entreprises, principalement dans le cadre de litiges transactionnels (post-M&A). Il a également déployé son expertise en matière d’évaluation d'ent... En savoir plus