Digital Health Strategy

Key Success Factors for Pharma Companies

Accelerated by the pandemic, digital health technologies are increasingly becoming an integral part of how health is delivered and experienced, creating an attractive market opportunity for health and non-health actors alike. Nevertheless, many companies have not yet ‘cracked’ the business model; few companies are profitable (yet).

Deloitte lays out specific choices and considerations for pharmaceutical companies seeking to develop a robust digital health strategy that drives true value for the organization, including: 


  • What is the digital health strategy ambition and what are the implications to the level of certainty, timing, and risk of the expected return?
  • What are the most attractive markets in which to enter (therapeutic areas, technology / solution types)?
  • How to design a winning business model, and importantly, what are the considerations for creating value for different types of ‘paying customers’?
  • What are the critical capabilities and assets that underlie a successful strategy? 

In this report, we lay out the key choices in detail, as well as provide data and benchmarks to help pharma companies structure their own strategies, including how to avoid ‘common pitfalls.’ 

Digital Health Strategy

Please find below a high-level summary of the findings. If you are interested in the full report, including insights from our experts and external experts please contact Jessica Weddle ( or Florent Mellet (