NGEU Industry Insight 

Digital transformation with Next Generation EU (NGEU) Programme in Greece

Digital transformation is an essential bridge between the business of today and tomorrow. Every organisation must invest in their strategic approach to digital transformation. Digital possibilities must shape strategy and be aligned with operational decisions and technology.

The NGEU programme has presented an opportunity to build a smarter Europe that is able to successfully weather any future crisis. The EU has made considerable efforts to ensure that digitisation is prioritised. NGEU has become a key asset for Greece too, especially with respect to digital and sustainable entrepreneurship.

Sotiris Batzias, Strategy Partner in Deloitte Greece shares his Insight about NGEU funds, indicating how they have helped the Greek Ministry of Digital Government to streamline a strategy for the Greek Administrative Burden Observatory and the National Documentation Centre (NDC) as its execution mechanism to develop a sustainable blueprint to support the ongoing simplification of administrative procedures for business and citizens.

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