COVID-19: Economic Impact, Resilient Leadership & Scenario Thinking Webinar  

Held on April 15, 2020

In the midst of one of the most sweeping crises in recent memory and in the face of certain challenges and a still uncertain set of risks, business leaders are rightly concerned about how their companies are being affected and what they have to do next. In the heat of the moment, there are a number of lessons from history that can be applied now. We have pooled the insights of Deloitte leaders in affected areas around the world to provide practical insights for chief executives and their leadership teams in taking appropriate action.

Our Chief Economist provides an updated global economic outlook and our Partners share insights and considerations related to the impact of COVID-19 on the Greek market. In addition, we discuss our “resilient leadership” practical approach on how business leaders can navigate through this crisis, and how they can confront uncertainty and enhance decision-making through scenario-thinking.

Webinar’s speakers & agenda:

Dimitris Koutsopoulos, Greece CEO: Introduction and moderation
Ian Steward, Chief Economist: Economic update
Vassilis Kafatos, Partner - Clients & Industries Leader: Resilient leadership and scenarios on the next normal
Christos Theocharopoulos, Public Policy Principal: Insights on the impact to the Greek market
Theodore Papakonstantinou, Strategy Principal: Confronting uncertainty through scenario-thinking
• Q&A

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Dimitris Koutsopoulos

Dimitris Koutsopoulos

Chief Executive Officer

Dimitris Koutsopoulos is the CEO and an Equity Partner of Deloitte Greece and Member of the Deloitte Central Mediterranean Executive Committee. Dimitris joined Deloitte in 1998 and as the CEO, since 2... More

Vassilis Kafatos

Vassilis Kafatos

Partner, Growth Leader, Deloitte Competence Center President and Transportation, Hospitality and Services Sector Leader

Vassilis Kafatos is an Equity Partner, the Growth Leader and the President of the Deloitte Competence Center. Vassilis is also the Transportation, Hospitality and Services Sector Leader. He specialize... More