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Providing finance leaders with assurance across all their accounting, regulatory and transaction needs

Deloitte Audit & Assurance is uniquely positioned to provide the confidence business leaders seek amidst a business landscape characterised by complexity and change. Not only this, we are enhancing our assurance capabilities – by drawing on complementary strengths from across Deloitte – to deliver even greater levels of trust and confidence.

These include addressing complex accounting matters, establishing internal financial controls, normalising transactional events, and giving you the time you need to deal with an ever-expanding range of topics.

We take a proactive approach, addressing an entire ecosystem of variables that decision-makers must now consider. We provide value and insight that build confidence and unlock opportunity. When you seek assurance, Deloitte is the first place you should turn.

Explore our offering, and how we can help you with the challenges you face right now.

Our Assurance offering


  • Corporate Treasury

    Being prepared for accounting changes
    In today’s ever-changing and challenging business environment, corporate treasurers in particular play a pivotal role in managing financial risk and advising on business strategy decisions. Our clients increasingly face foreign exchange issues, commodity and liquidity risk in volatile and competitive markets. They are also impacted by regulatory changes as well as an increasingly automated treasury environment delivering efficiencies with new technology.

    That’s why we work with growing numbers of corporate treasurers and senior treasury finance individuals across a range of industries, helping them with their most challenging concerns.

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  • Accounting Advisory

    Accounting complexity - navigating through an ever-changing environment
    A fact that can no longer be ignored is that as our accounting environment grows ever more complex, the pressures it places on companies’ finance functions only increases.

    The reality is that businesses increasingly need higher quality accounting advice; advice that not only inspires confidence in areas of challenge and judgement, but which gives all management and stakeholders a clearer understanding of the challenges facing their business.

    When might accounting advisory services help?

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  • Markets Assurance

    Building confidence across markets
    The markets in which firms operate continue to expose them to new and emerging risk and control challenges. Our team helps clients navigate their way through these challenges using our deep technical, regulatory and industry expertise. We help them to build assurance and restore confidence in their risk and control frameworks.

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  • Transactions

    Transactions - Preparing for the best outcome
    Major corporate events, such as IPOs or acquisitions, present huge challenges for any business. Careful planning and resourcing for these events is critical for a well-managed and de-risked transaction taking place. We can help with IPOs (Initial Public Offerings) and M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions).

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  • Securitisation

    For the past 20 years, our expert Securitisation team has helped clients successfully plan and complete thousands of structured finance transactions across a wide variety of asset classes. As such we have extensive experience across both vanilla and non-performing portfolios.

    We can fully support deals through from inception to transaction execution and deal closing. We can also provide advice on any regulatory and accounting issues that may arise.

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  • Insurance Regulation

    Insurance regulation assurance

    Extracting strategic advantage from regulatory challenges
    Few sectors are as heavily regulated as the insurance one. In the interests of market integrity, and in a bid to put customers first, company conduct obligations include everything from governance, risk management and data protection, while from a prudential control perspective, the primary focus on organisations is to maintain the integrity of risk management and governance arrangements.

    The insurance industry is facing rapid change, with new challenges prompted by digital innovation – challenges that mean companies must be even more vigilant to ensure their continued compliance.

    But while regulatory/best practice requirements require continual checks to be made, we take the view that responding to the changing regulatory landscape is actually an opportunity for clients to look for ways of creating strategic advantage.

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  • Bank Regulation
    Keeping pace with regulatory change

    The regulatory change agenda shows no sign of slowing down, and financial services organisations continue to balance the obligation to comply with an increasingly complex and diverse set of prudential and conduct regulatory rules, with pressure to optimise costs whilst continuing to deliver on business and strategic objectives.

    Divergence in the speed and content of regulatory rule-making in various jurisdictions presents an additional challenge for global and internationally active institutions.

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  • Transportation, Hospitality and Leisure Assurance

    Finding ways to develop THL businesses
    Like many sectors, the transportation, hospitality and leisure (THL) industry is both a highly competitive and constantly changing one. Customers increasingly demand more ‘unique experiences’, delivered to a high standard.

    We believe this provides huge opportunities for investors and businesses. In our experience, those organisations that invest, grow or divest the best are also those that continually review their strategies and operations to meet ever-changing market conditions.

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How we can help you


  • IFRS 16 Assurance

    IFRS 16: Are you ready?

    Working through the implications
    First issued in January 2016 and effective for most companies that report in 2019, this new International Financial Reporting Standard affects accounting for leases. This impacts many corporates’ reported earnings, assets and liabilities, and changes the classification of expenses and cash flows, such that reported results and the associated impact on covenant tests.. In fact, given that the new definition of a lease will now be based on the right to control an asset, for many, IFRS 16 will be the most significant accounting change for the last 20 years. As such, even companies who are well progressed with their transition implementation, are not immune from ongoing implications which require clear consideration.

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  • IFRS 17 Assurance

    Insurance companies have been waiting over a decade for a single global accounting standard that fits their unique and complex industry. Deloitte understands the insurance industry and its need to gain improved economies of scale and minimise duplication from regulatory change.

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  • Benchmarks Assurance

    The need for establishing trust in financial benchmarks
    Recent high profile investigations into the alleged manipulation of key financial benchmarks (including LIBOR and the WMR 4pm FX fixings), have seen the global regulatory community become increasingly concerned about the reliability and integrity of financial benchmarks – indexes that underpin transactions worth trillions of dollars across the financial services sector and beyond.

    Unsurprisingly, stakeholders in the broadest sense (from financial regulators, executive management, or external investors), have sought greater degrees of assurance. In particular, they’re looking for assurance that the financial benchmarks they administer, contribute to, and/or use, are both reliable and credible, including assurances that the risks of manipulation have been reduced.

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  • Algorithm Assurance

    The growing use of algorithms
    Algorithms are already being used extensively in many different sectors, and in financial services particularly, they are being used in automated trading to execute trades, by robot-managed funds to allocate portfolios and by loan providers for consumer credit scoring. Algorithms are even being used to predict fraudulent credit card payments or unusual trading activity.

    Algorithms: the need for a robust control framework

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  • Media and Advertising Assurance

    Assurance in media and advertising

    Challenges of media buying in a digital world
    It’s no surprise growing numbers of advertising brands are using digital transformation and innovation to better connect with their global audiences. The advantages of doing so are great, but this activity brings new challenges to media buying. Challenges include everything from changes in advertising agency contracts, to contract compliance, difficulty tracking spend, and further blurring when it comes to measuring return on investments across the various media channels.

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