Strategy, Brand and Reputation

Deloitte helps organizations make risk-informed strategic choices and respond to disruptions to grow their business and protect their reputation. C-suite and boards need the right insights, best-in-class corporate governance, and a risk culture aimed at driving value.

Strategy, Brand and Reputation helps organizations manage risks in order to achieve their organizational objectives, minimizing threats and maximizing opportunity by understanding, analyzing, and addressing risk at an enterprise level. We help you understand measure, track and value your organization’s reputation and provide insights for better decision-making and reporting.

Our Services

Corporate Governance – We assist boards and its members to become more effective in overseeing their organization’s key risks, strategy, and overall governance structure.  

Strategic Risk – We identify, monitor, and provide insights on trends and disruptors that can impact competitive advantage, market position, and long-term performance. 

Brand and Reputation Risk – We manage and measure brand, reputation, and customer experience, giving organizations the tools and insights to build a resilient and differentiated brand and customer experience.

Risk Sensing – We help clients sense and predict emerging risks and proactively manage disruption.

Explore other Cyber and Strategic Risk services

  • Cyber: Deloitte’s Cyber Risk services address complex cyber risk management challenges, enabling clients to perform better and build more confident futures.
  • Crisis and Resilience: Deloitte’s Crisis Management services span the entire crisis lifecycle, helping clients identify, assess, prevent, prepare, respond to and recover from crises.
  • Extended Enterprise: We can help organizations evaluate and manage the risks associated with third parties (outsourcers, licensees, alliances, suppliers), maximizing performance and limiting operational, financial and legal risk through point-in-time and ongoing managed service solutions. 
  • Sustainability & Climate: We are there with you each step of the way—connecting from the very beginning with insight-driven strategy, culminating in the transformation necessary to create value and long-term sustainability for your business and stakeholders to thrive. 
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