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Read Deloitte’s insights on the potential of SAP® technologies when it comes to improving finance and delivering more value to the bottom line.

Break the cycle of complexity, SAP Simple Finance

Is the massive complexity of finance organizations inevitable? Probably. After all, finance is the nerve center for most companies, communicating and collaborating with a vast range of business partners across the enterprise. But that doesn’t mean the finance function can’t dramatically simplify its operating environment. SAP® Simple Finance provides unified financial and management accounting through a logical document, eliminating aggregates and featuring a real-time close—with real-time data transparency and the ability to drill down to line-item detail, all behind an intuitive user interface.

sap simple finance break cycle complexity
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Finance Transformation Accelerator, Get there faster

Finance transformation is a double-edged sword. Although it can have a big positive impact on business results, it can also require a significant commitment of key talent and resources at a time when both are in short supply. Deloitte’s Finance Transformation Accelerator can give you a head start by providing a pre-configured package of SAP® technology that targets some of the most common—and difficult— finance transformation challenges, helping you streamline your transformation effort in key areas such as working capital management, closing, and financial reporting.

sap finance transformation accelerator
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Five signs that your financial close process may be broken (and what you can do about it)

Many CFOs have tiptoed around the close process for years, being careful not to break anything, and content merely to finish the process on time month after month. But today, simply getting things done on time isn’t enough—and CFOs know it. What’s needed is a close process that moves more quickly and offers more incisive, timely insights—in an environment where success often hinges on how quickly decisions can be made. But how can you tell if your close process is truly in trouble or if it’s just experiencing growing pains that will subside with time? Here are five warning signs that your close process might be near the breaking point—and some thoughts on how to get it back on track.

five signs financial close process broken
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Know Now, Act Now – Drive financial decision making with analytics from SAP Simple Finance

Companies typically use finance analytics to delve deeply into the past—or gaze far into the future. However, until now the ability to generate real-time financial insights to support day-to-day decision-making has been notably absent—or required extra time and effort to open additional applications and cobble together custom ad hoc queries. The result? Ineffective decisions that overlooked the big picture. SAP® Simple Finance changes the game by pushing data-driven insights to people at the right moment, in an efficient and intuitive manner that makes it easier to assess information, execute business processes, and make smart decisions.

sap simple finance know now analytic decision making
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Making decisions that matter

Bad decisions are made in organizations every day, with countless ways to miss the mark. Whether it’s squishy goals, competing interests, bad assumptions, lack of time, insufficient information, or simply not enough talent, there are plenty of reasons for things to go wrong. In fact, on some level, bad decisions are unavoidable. However, leading companies tend to make fewer bad decisions—and have important lessons to share, especially when it comes to making decisions that can drive or destroy significant value: decisions that matter.

sap decisions that matter
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