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With decades of SAP experience, Deloitte's network of member firms shares lessons on what it takes to transform the management of human capital and enhance business value.

AccessEdge - A more accessible, more intuitive HR experience

AccessEdge offers pre-delivered configurability when it comes to self-service processes and forms and access to non-SAP systems. Organizations can keep core HR functions (payroll, time management, benefits, etc.) on-premise while enhancing them to provide a more intuitive, more interactive, and more mobile design that can blend with cloud-based HR applications such as talent, compensation, learning, and recruiting. The solution enables organizations to deliver HR functions via any device while providing the same user experience—regardless of whether an employee or manager is accessing HR systems via mobile device, laptop, or desktop. So, now you can keep your existing HR infrastructure intact while better serving the needs of your people, in a way that works for them. Access Edge: simply engaging.

access edge
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HR FastForward - Get there sooner

Under pressure to deliver more strategic value to the organization, many HR leaders have elected to embark on the long and time-consuming journey of transforming the HR function. However, in today’s fast-paced business world, companies can’t afford to wait years for a transformation effort to start delivering value. HR FastForward is a pre-configured solution based on SAP SuccessFactors® that allows HR organizations to effectively skip the information-gathering phase, since the package is already configured with many of the functionality and process capabilities needed to jumpstart the transformation process.

hr fastforward
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The high-impact HR operating model

Nearly 40 percent of the measurable difference between high- and low-performing organizations can be traced back to leadership development and people management. Improving performance in both of these areas is part of HR’s new mandate. What’s been missing is a high-impact operating model to go along with this ever-expanding role.

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Deloitte’s high-impact HR operating model: Business HR

One of the major shifts in achieving the Deloitte high-impact HR operating model is taking the role of Business HR to the next level—creating expert consultants close to the business. Learn what is holding HR back from making the impact the business expects.

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Global Human Capital Trends 2015

Global organizations today navigate a “new world of work”—one that requires a dramatic change in strategies for leadership, talent, and human resources. More than 3,300 organizations from 106 countries contributed to Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends 2015 survey, assessing the importance of specific talent challenges and their readiness to meet them.

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HR reporting and analytics diagnostics and strategy: Take workforce analytics to the next level

Workforce analytics can help an organization tackle its most critical workforce issues and create tremendous value for the business. But figuring out how to harness the power of your existing HR and workforce data can be a complex challenge. Key steps include: creating a complete business case; following a phased approach that begins with improved production reporting; and building a diverse team with deep experience in technology, HR, business, visualization, analytics, and statistics.

reporting workforce analytics diagnostics strategy
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Human capital management in the cloud – A review of the SAP and SuccessFactors strategy

Cloud is the future of human capital management (HCM). However, reaching that future may involve some significant twists and turns. Expectations could morph, shift, and perhaps even contradict one another as the technology continues to mature and evolve. But whatever the path, the end result will likely be a flexible HCM ecosystem that can support a variety of service delivery models and adapt to changing business requirements. A key first step is working with stakeholders in the business, IT, and HR to develop a strategy and roadmap that everyone agrees with—and that clearly outlines their future roles and the overall long-term vision for HCM in the cloud.

sap successfactors hcm cloud
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Talent 2020

Talent 2020 is Deloitte’s global survey series conducted to explore talent strategies and unfolding trends that are expected to influence the next decade and beyond. The series features results from large businesses worldwide in the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa across all industries.

talent 2020
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Workforce analytics: Using advanced analysis to manage talent and risk

Given the importance of people and talent in the financial services industry (FSI), it’s time to move beyond instinct, gut, and tribal wisdom when making workforce decisions. As HR works with FSI leaders on the front lines, analytics are becoming critical to effective decisions in a broad range of areas from workforce planning and recruitment to risk management, compensation, development programs, and deployment of key talent. If you’re not using workforce analytics to drive your talent decisions, you might be behind the curve—and at risk of losing your competitive edge.

workforce analytics
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