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Deloitte Consulting’s advanced manufacturing solution for SAP software

Manufacturing isn’t just about making products. It’s about making products efficiently. And today, maintaining peak operational efficiency while minimizing overhead proves an ever-increasing challenge amid a growingly competitive global environment. Enhancing existing systems and embracing emerging technologies offers manufacturers one solution for that challenge. The new challenge? Reducing risk and controlling implementation costs when undertaking IT projects designed to transform your business. A preconfigured solution such as the Deloitte Consulting Advanced Manufacturing Solution for SAP® Software (DCAMSS) offers manufacturers help in the form of a unified package of technology, leading practices, and processes—as a potential path for accelerating implementation times and getting to market faster.

SAP Manufacturing
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Jan Waals

Jan Waals

Global SAP Chief Commercial Officer

Jan Waals has over 23 years of consulting experience and has been with Deloitte Consulting since 1994. He is known for Global Implementations for companies that are Headquartered in the US, Europe and... More