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Zlatko Bazianec

Partner of Consulting Services and Country leader

As a result of being involved in a number of projects for international corporations in EU Member States and countries in South-East Europe, Zlatko has specialised in supply chain management and purchase/procurement services for food, energy and metal working industries. On his career path he has also specialised in delivering merger and acquisition projects, growth strategies and corporate restructuring.

Before joining Deloitte, Zlatko was Vice President at A.T. Kearney, Ljubljana, working on conslutancy and business development engagements in East and South-East Europe. At A.T. Kearney he was a member of a global expert team for restructuring, operations and supply. Prior to that, he worked as an advisor and head of the Euro Info Desk at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and a manager of European Commission projects.

Zlatko has acquired his MBA at IEDC – Bled School of Management and graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Zagreb, majoring in finances.

Branislav Vrtačnik

Audit Partner

Branislav has over 30 years of experience in domestic and international audits. He is a certified Croatian auditor, specialised in performing audits of large enterprises in Croatia. He is a member of the Steering Council of the Croatian Audit Chamber.

Branislav has gained his experience in providing professional services working on many engagements and projects for customers from a variety of industries, including INA - Industrija nafte, Podravka, Zagrebački holding, Žito, Zvečevo, Vir, and many others.

Branislav was involved in audits of almost all banks in Croatia: Privredna banka Zagreb, Hrvatska narodna banka (the Croatian National Bank), Addiko Bank d.d., HBOR (the Croatian development bank), Raiffeisen banka, OTP banka Hrvatska, Erste & Steiermärkische Banka, Hrvatska poštanska banka, Croatia banka, UniCredit leasing, and others.

Branislav has graduated from the Faculty of Economics, University of Osijek.

Rick Olcott

Partner, Financial Advisory Services

Rick is a Senior Partner for Deloitte Adriatic Region with many years of experience in consulting and financial advisory services. He has worked in Deloitte Central Europe offices based in Romania, Hungary Poland and Croatia.

Rick is an expert is in the areas of financial advisory, valuation, fairness opinions, business planning, financial and vendor due diligence and consulting services to financial institutions and numerous industries for the purposes of: mergers and acquisitions, financial reporting, budgeting and financial management, investment analysis and value creation strategies, disposals, wind-downs, inward investment and operational improvement.

He manages and coordinates most of our important crossfunctional and international projects, as well as our professional teams, who are willing to help our clients in all areas of their businesses.

Vladimir Milošević

Partner, Financial Advisory Services

Vladimir has extensive corporate finance and project management experience in various sectors, with a focus on mergers and acquisitions, operational and financial restructuring of companies and financial institutions, due diligence, privatisation planning, business strategy and planning and industry analysis.

Vladimir has led and worked on numerous significant projects in the region. Prior to joining Deloitte, he served as Board Member of Erste Investment Banking. 

Dražen Nimčević

Partner-in-Charge of Tax and Legal Services in Adriatic Region

Dražen has been with Deloitte since October 2005 and is the leader of the tax and legal services for Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. He is responsible for the organisation, development and provision of tax advisory services in those countries and acts as the Quality Assurance Reviewer on tax advisory, tax audit and due diligence assignments.

Dražen has an extensive experience in providing services in the areas of corporate and personal income tax, value-added tax, international staff structuring, transfer pricing implications in Croatia and abroad, tax due diligence of Croatian companies, general research of the regional tax environment and regulation governing foreign direct investment projects. He has specialised in advising international clients interested in investing in Croatia as well as Croatian multinational enterprises.

He has graduated from the Faculty of Economics, University of Zagreb.

Juraj Moravek

Partner, Financial Services & Real Estate Leader

Juraj began his career with Deloitte in 1995 in our Bratislava office, then moved to Deloitte in Australia as an Account Director. He is responsible for banking clients in Croatia and Bosnia.

He has a strong understanding of regulatory reporting requirements, banking products including complex financial instruments, and business processes in various financial institutions, including retail banks, investment banks, credit unions and securitization special-purpose vehicles. 

Marina Tonžetić

Audit Partner

Marina is an Audit Partner with many years of audit experience. She is an ACCA certified accountant, a member of the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), a CIA as well a certified internal and external auditor in the Republic of Croatia.

After graduation in 1997, she launched her career path at Arthur Andersen where she worked until June 2002 when she joined the Deloitte audit team performing most complex and most challenging audit engagements. Marina has an in-depth expertise in performing IFRS financial statement audits, audits of mergers and acquisitions, due diligence and business advisory services. Complex consolidated financial reporting is another area of her specialisation.

At Deloitte Marina leads CFO and Finance Function support initiatives. She is also leading the diversity initiative and promotion programmes at various governance levels within the organisation.

Vanja Vlak

Audit Partner

Vanja has more than 14 years of experience and detailed understanding of audits of IFRS financial statements and is a Certified Chartered Accountant (ACCA). He is also a Croatian External and Internal Certified Auditor.

Vanja has gained experience by working for Deloitte in Croatia and Deloitte Canada while auditing financial service and manufacturing industry clients, with a strong emphasis on the financial services.

He has specialized in delivering not only audit engagements but also advisory and consulting projects and solutions to a variety of clients from different industries.

Going forward Vanja will continue to focus on growing the Croatian practice by developing the audit and audit advisory service lines.

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