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High-quality project implementation is key for the use of grants from EU funds

After the Grant Agreement has been concluded with the relevant authority and/or authorities, Deloitte provides support services for activities necessary for a successful implementation of a project for which EU grants have been approved.

Gi3 team has a cumulative experience in implementing more than 30 projects from different EU funds and offers:

  • Administrative and financial monitoring of EU projects;
  • Implementation of public procurement procedures;
  • Implementation of procurement procedures for persons not subject to the Public Procurement Act;
  • Implementation of EU Visibility activities;
  • Implementation of EU horizontal principles;

  • Training employees and transferring knowledge to EU funds beneficiaries.

Deloitte Gi3 team holds qualifications for leading projects in line with professional rules and specific rules stipulated in the Grant Agreement, including the knowledge concerning the audit of EU projects and carrying out procurement in line with defined public procurement procedures and procurement procedures for persons not subject to the Public Procurement Act.

EU grants applicants and beneficiaries must take into account that the project proposal evaluation period may last more than 120 days and that they, with an advance of a maximum of 30% or 40% of total value of acceptable costs, must ensure the financial construct of the project.

The reimbursement method is the most common form of grant use (reimbursement per eligible cost). However, reimbursement is carried out only after the so-called application for reimbursement (interim request and/or final request) was submitted by grant beneficiaries and approved by relevant authorities. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure in a timely manner that funds for their own participation and ensuring an uninterrupted cash flow are at their disposal.
Hence, EU grants are obtained only through the successful implementation of EU projects in line with the Grants Agreement, for which our experts may provide full support and help.

The purpose of EU project implementation:

  • Ensuring monitoring of EU projects from a technical, financial, and administrative standpoint;
  • Ensuring the implementation of the Grants Agreement in a correct and timely manner, including EU Visibility and implementation of activities which refer to so-called horizontal principles;
  • Ensuring timely detecting of departures in the performance of the Grants Agreement, but also contracts with agreed contractors after public procurement procedures or procurement procedures for persons not subject to the Public Procurement Act have been carried out;
  • Applying measures for mitigating or eliminating departures or other deficiencies during the implementation of the Project in relation to the Grants Agreement.

Implementation and management of the EU-funded project comprise planning Project activities, managing human resources, getting familiar with sections of the Grants Agreement and contractual rights and users’ liabilities, reporting on the Project, and managing the Project’s budget.

Deloitte’s advisory services during Project implementation entail the following:

  • Preparation of the procurement plan for the entire Project;
  • Preparation of applications for advance payments;
  • Preparation of initial plan for the application for reimbursement;
  • Advisory services in carrying out public procurement procedures and procurement procedures for persons not subject to the Public Procurement Act within the Project;
  • Advising beneficiaries in the area of communication with implementing bodies;
  • Support to the beneficiaries’ project team;
  • Preparation of all project reports (application for reimbursement);
  • Preparation of requests for contract amendments;
  • Preparation of notifications on amendment of minor importance;
  • Financial management and Project cash flow plan;
  • Project management, including administrative management of Project documentation.


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