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A career in Audit & Advisory is a hugely varied, challenging and rewarding experience. At Deloitte, not only do we provide a top quality audit services to our clients, we are also trusted advisors providing invaluable insights that enable our clients to better understand their businesses.

About Audit & Advisory

A career in Audit & Advisory provides you with the opportunity to understand businesses from the ground up and to gain experience across a host of industries including financial services, consumer business, technology, media and telecommunications.

The Audit & Advisory department at Deloitte is split into three specialist groups:

• Financial Services: Banking; Investment Funds; Securitisation; Insurance

• Consumer & Technology Business: Manufacturing, Distribution, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Media, Technology; Property

• Small & Medium Enterprise Services: Provide a range of services to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

Summer Intern Programme

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Considering a Career in Audit & Advisory

Joining Deloitte

On joining Deloitte as an Audit & Advisory intern you will participate in a training programme. We invest heavily in ensuring your Deloitte on-boarding experience provides you with the knowledge and skills you will need to begin a summer at Deloitte.

The induction programme will introcude you to the Deloitte culture, values and business principles. You will also learn about the Audit & Advisory business, becoming familiar with what goes on in that department.

The future of audit is constantly evolving and innovation is an area of focus across the Audit & Advisory business. Our training programme provides exciting opportunities to innovate, collaborate and grow.


Our business at a glance: Audit & Advisory

Paths to Qualification

Trainees within the Audit & Advisory practice complete the Chartered Accountants Ireland qualification (ACA). The ACA qualification comprises three sets of professional examinations: CAP1; CAP2; Final Admitting Exam (FAE).

Deloitte is committed to supporting our trainees through this course of study by providing on-the-job training to develop the competencies required of a Chartered Accountant and through our Professional Education support programme. This programme provides generous study leave, tutorials, mock examinations and additional internal support mechanisms to all trainees pursuing the ACA qualification.

In the course of your training contract with Deloitte you can expect to gain experience in some or all of the following areas:

• Financial accounting & reporting

• Business finance

• Taxation & tax planning

• Auditing, internal control & corporate governance

• Information systems & management

• Financial services

• Consulting

• Insolvency

The many benefits of completing an ACA training contract with Deloitte can be found below:

• All education and exam fees paid

• Study and exam leave assured

• Exposure to quality, professional accountancy experience

• Mentored by senior Chartered Accountants

• Salary that increases in line with exam progression

• Strong foundation in skills such as audit, tax, or financial services for careers in either practice or business

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