Deloitte Greenhouse

Deloitte Greenhouse overview

An innovative environment that changes the way Deloitte clients solve business challenges.

Deloitte Israel is proud to present our new ground-breaking innovation space - Deloitte Greenhouse™

Many business leaders today are looking to quickly get up to speed on what analytics and innovative techniques can really do in practice, not as grand theories. That’s where the Deloitte Greenhouse comes in.

Deloitte Greenhouse is a physical and technological innovative space which is designed to foster ideas, opportunities, relations and sparks of new workplace culture. Our Greenhouse is part of a global network of innovation spaces that located at other Deloitte member firms.

The Deloitte Greenhouse was created in order to provide a one-of-a-kind experience for our clients and professionals. The experience includes analytics and big data capabilities, alongside data visualization capabilities


Benefits of the Deloitte Greenhouse

Accelerate and differentiate delivery
Designed to help our clients discover new ideas through innovation, collaboration and delivery, we use workshops which explore analytics, innovative techniques and methodologies. This allows our visitors quickly develop action plans that realize fast ROIs

Helping you create sparks of innovation
The room structure, alongside with the facilitation methodologies, is designed to help clients discover their organizational sparks of innovation. By leaving the organizational comfort zone and management paradigms, the participants find themselves inspired and motivate to find new solutions to and breakthroughs

What we Offer

  • Usage of the space for external management and strategy sessions for companies who are looking for an innovative and technological off-premises location.
  • Consulting Labs and workshops that use advanced methodologies and analytics capabilities to drive new value and insights in the organizations. Among the consulting labs and workshops: strategic consulting, human capital, business transformation, supply chain and operational consulting 
  • Innovation workshops and sessions including the Ground-breaking "Ten Types of Innovation"™ methodology. The sessions use collaborative and disruptive facilitation techniques to transform the way organizations approach their complex problems

Deloitte Greenhouses are cutting-edge physical spaces located around the world designed to help clients tackle their complex problems.

They apply a tested set of principles that combine behavioral science, analytics, technology, and facilitation to break through traditional methods of problem-solving. By taking participants outside of their everyday environments, Greenhouse sessions disrupt conventional thinking, spur creativity, bring about new perspectives, and lead to tangible solutions.

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