Operate services

Operating core business services and functions to embed continuous advantage.

From cybersecurity to tax compliance, to custom application creation and ongoing development, our unique portfolio of Operate services allow you to perform and innovate continuously, accelerate growth, and manage risk with confidence.

Application, Cloud and Infrastructure Operates Services

Meet your ongoing technology needs through strategically managing and enhancing technology applications, digital, cloud, and infrastructure.

• Application Management Services for package solutions (e.g Oracle, SAP)

• Application Management Services and modernization of custom and/or legacy apps

• Digital foundries (flexible capacity), DevOps, and enhancements

• Cloud and infrastructure managed services

Advise Operate Services

Couples deep subject matter specialization with resource consistency on retainer that informs and produces outcomes and recommendations; you may buy outputs or outcomes.

Example services:

• Program management

• Retained advisory services

• Product management

• Change management

AI, Data and Insights Operate Services

Deliver ongoing analysis and insights, by leveraging advanced AI tools and analytics platforms and provide support for data operations (including support for the platforms themselves).

Example services:

• Data science and analytics

• Data operations and platform management

• AI/ML foundries and value-added/managed services

• Intelligent automation

Industry Solutions and Process Enablement Operate Services

Provide ongoing management of critical business processes (both horizontal and vertical), enables by market-differentiated assets and AI solutions.

Example services:

• Management/operations of processes such as supply chain, HR, finance, and marketing

• Industry specific process solutions (e.g revenue cycle management)

• Capacity-based support for business operations

• Creative services

Cyber Detect and Respond

Operates your security with a powerful combination of market-leading, Saas-based threat hunting, detection, response, and remediation capabilities, Proven processes and our experienced specialists trained to pursue threats before they become attacks and respond to minimize business impact.

Example services:

• Cyber Threat Intelligence

• Incident Readiness and Response

• Zero Trust: Identity Prevention, Detection and Response

• Enterprise Prevention, Detection and Response

• Attack Surface Management and Vulnerability Management

• Multi Cloud Security

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Shmulik Krybus

Shmulik Krybus

Director, Consulting Operate lead

Shmulik Krybus is a director at Deloitte with over 17 years of experience in the field of information systems – with focus on project management with enterprise organizations. Shmulik currently leads ... More

Tovi Kochav

Tovi Kochav

Partner, CTO, Core Business Operations Portfolio Leader, Consulting

Tovi is a Partner and CTO of Deloitte Israel’s Technology Consulting practice, where he leads major IT transformation efforts from design through implementation. Tovi is a well-known expert in the spa... More