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Deloitte Israel ESG Consulting Practice

Over the next decade, the relationship between business, the environment and society will be a defining one, and companies have a crucial role in accelerating progress towards achieving a better future. When it comes to ESG, the are manifold opportunities for businesses, and the risks of remaining on the sidelines are prominent. Our ESG team helps businesses to adapt to the unprecedented rate of global change, navigate the challenges, and prosper through better decision-making and innovative solutions.

Deloitte Israel ESG Consulting Practice

We are working with our clients to help change businesses for the better – to choose their ESG plays, reduce emissions, increase governance effectiveness, establish healthy relationships with their stakeholders, strengthen resilience, and build trust in business and the economy.


At Deloitte, we believe organizations must integrate the ESG criteria into their culture, strategy, and business goals to make tangible societal and environmental impacts. We support organizations in their journey to harness the power of ESG transparency and implementation to achieve competitive advantage and attract and retain investors, customers, employees, and other stakeholders

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ESG strategy Develop a purpose-led organization strategy aligned with ESG principles, implementing environmental and social activities into existing business models; Formulation of strategy and/or policy, Benchmark, Materiality matrix, Building workplans, Risk assessment, Gap surveys

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ESG measurement :Identify, measure and evaluate current and future activities to form optimum organizational impact using structured mechanism; Board of directors effectiveness assessment, Impact measurement / evaluation, Measurement models and infrastructures, Advice for collecting and managing impact data

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Communicating the company’s vision, actions and achievements using a methodological structure based on leading discloser practices\frameworks; ESG reports, Assistance in meeting ratings, Assurance for internal and external reports

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Organizational processes management, Risk assessment and management, Internal ESG audit, Construction of internal ESG mechanisms and practices

Let’s Start the Journey

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) aspects of business activities are rapidly gaining the interest of business stakeholders. Companies around the world are making a concerted effort to align with global ESG-related principles and guidelines and voluntarily adopt and implement various practices to address emerging challenges and stakeholder expectations across the ESG space. Our ESG consulting team can help you manage the challenges and help you focus on what matters most, make a greater impact, and drive the change

:Our added value to our clients


Trusted consultants

Our relationships with our clients are our top priority and are the foundation to generating results and driving long-term impact

Innovative consulting

We work at the frontier of corporate sustainability; we helped to define many of the sustainability frameworks and guidelines that are now well-established in global businesses. We’re confident working with any of your internal stakeholders: Boards, executive committees, finance, risk, and sustainability teams

Collaborative approaches

We engage with niche specialists within our firm when delivering our ESG services and tailor the most optimal solutions for our clients’ needs

Access to a large network

Our scale means we can help your global businesses with multiple environmental, societal, or governance challenges, wherever they are faced

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Irena Ben Yakar

Partner, Environmental, Social, Governance Leader, CPO

Gal Harel

ESG Consulting Practice Leader

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ESG Risk & Regulation