Podcast: ESG reporting in the consumer industry

Building stakeholder trust through sustainability reports

This episode of That Makes Cents explores evolving stakeholder demands, challenges, and solutions for reporting trustworthy ESG data in the consumer industry.

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ESG reporting in the consumer industry: Measure what matters

With an increasing focus on climate change and other ecological crises, consumer companies face an influx of stakeholder demands to disclose ESG data. While consumers, employees, and investors want to engage with more sustainable companies, regulators are proposing that companies disclose material sustainability data or even their public pledges to achieve reduction of emissions. However, how hard is it to collect accurate, valid, and trustworthy ESG data? Which elements of ESG data are essential for stakeholder engagement? Tune in to this episode as we discuss these questions with Mandi McReynolds, global head of ESG at Workiva Inc., and Charles Carrington, partner with Deloitte’s Risk & Financial Advisory practice.

Finance teams, ESG teams, operations teams need to come together and tackle these topics of what’s most important to the [sustainability] strategy. How are we going to tell this story to our consumers and our stakeholders? And then what are the considerations, both financial legally and operationally, that we as a team need to attack together? Because there will be a time for every company where values versus value will collide, or the stakeholders won’t agree. And so that team being able to dialogue and debate together is critically important.

— Mandi McReynolds, global head of ESG, Workiva Inc.

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