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Creating an equitable environment for women in the workplace

Solutions to create a more humane work environment through gender-centered design

This episode of That Makes Cents will explore how companies can attract and retain their workforce by creating an equitable workplace environment for all through gender-centered design.

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Promoting gender equality at the workplace: A conversation with NextUp

While women have experienced inequitable workspaces long before the pandemic, several issues such as pay disparity, lack of advancement opportunities, and mental and physical health impacts of the pandemic are front and center for women and all genders. With millions exiting the workforce to maintain flexibility to care for their families, the time has come for a culture of allyship to uplift gender-centered workforce design. Tune in to this episode with Sarah Alter, president and CEO of NextUp, and Tiffany Mawhinney, principal at Deloitte Consulting LLP, as they share their thoughts on a gender-centered design from their latest study: Creating more equitable workplaces through gender-centered design.

You earn [the title of an ally] by checking your own biases and owning them. By continuing to educate yourself on behalf of, you know, marginalized or underrepresented individuals, but then by advocating and then, above all, taking action.

— Sarah Alter, President & CEO, NextUp

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