Future of retail: Next-gen capabilities for customer success

Keeping up with evolving retail capabilities

Hear from industry leaders as we explore the latest solutions and emerging technologies to help retailers achieve customer success. Featuring a guest speaker from Salesforce.

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Scaling growth with next-gen digital capabilities

Continuing to grow digital capabilities helps set retailers apart and is important regardless of what industry they plan in. What are some of the latest customer experience capabilities available to retailers today? How are everyday business owners able to leverage these tools in an always-changing digital experience? Tune into this episode as we discuss these questions with Jill Royce, senior managing director of Business Consulting for Retail & Consumer Goods at Salesforce, and Adrian Trzaskus, Digital Transformation leader with Deloitte Consulting.

I’m really excited to think about what personalization and loyalty can mean for retailers in terms of some things that are really important and part of my passion but also where we’re seeing the world going. So sustainability, diversity, and inclusion are kind of really top of mind for me. I can’t wait to see retailers who have fully embraced digital transformation and have really infused those initiatives throughout the entire customer experience.

Jill Royce, Senior Managing Director, Business Consulting, Retail & Consumer Goods, Salesforce, Inc.

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