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The future of retail stores

Redefining the role of physical retail in stores of the future

Physical retail will remain important, even after the shifts caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. But retailers must learn how to adapt and enhance the experience they provide to shoppers. In this five-part series, we uncover where the future of stores is heading. Explore the articles below.

What’s "in store" in a vaccinated world

A shot in the arm for physical retail

Vaccines offer a much-needed injection of hope for the entire retail industry, store owners and shoppers alike. As customers return to stores, some retailers will benefit, and others will face new challenges. Our first article in this series explores valuable insights on how retailers can best embrace new customer expectations in a postpandemic environment and offers a perspective on the many implications, benefits, and challenges.

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Where and how to set up shop

Creating data-driven “physical” store locations

Stores, as we know them today, are instrumental in bringing products and services closer to the consumer, but not all locations should be created equal. Learn how retailers can leverage first- and third-party data to generate insights on customer experience, channel efficiency, and ongoing optimization to create an efficient ecosystem of locations, some of which may challenge the idea of what “stores” are to many.

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Consumer-centric shift to stick

Reengineering for differentiation and growth

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, consumers were changing the way they shop and interact with brands and retailers; that change has led to a shift in consumer engagement across multiple physical and digital channels. Download this article to learn effective ways retailers can curate assortment and challenge merchandising norms or use data and the digital experience as a differentiator for their physical retail locations.

Innovators first, retailers second

Embracing tech to delight the customer

To adjust to the quickening shift toward omnichannel, brick-and-mortar retailers across categories are investing in innovation and R&D capabilities. Explore how retailers can best enable and enhance their store technology to meet the many near- and long-term expectations of both their customers and associates while operating at the fastest possible speeds and with the most streamlined costs.

Evolution of a salesman

Equipping associates to meet customers where they are

As the role of the physical store evolves, so must the role of the store associate. Find out how retailers can reimagine and rebuild their workforce and talent models, reskill their associates for stores of the future, and use data-driven models to optimize workforce allocation and maximize efficiencies.

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