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Measuring the future of retail

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Hear from industry leaders as we explore how the metrics used to measure success in the retail industry are shifting.

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Measuring the future of retail

Retail is changing at a breakneck pace thanks to new tech, newcomers, and new consumer expectations. Shouldn’t the metrics we use to measure success in the industry get an update, too? Hear from industry leaders Meredith Darnall, SVP of business intelligence and strategy at Brookfield Properties, and Rod Sides, Deloitte’s Retail, Wholesale & Distribution practice leader.

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The experiential retail is becoming very important, and retailers are starting to understand that it’s no longer about just a transaction. And I love that we have many of our major national brands who have decided that their first and foremost priority, when they really think about the shopping experience within their stores, is to drive customer engagement, and really, emotional engagement.

⁠—Meredith Darnall, SVP, business intelligence & strategy, Brookfield Properties

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