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Quick take: 2019 holiday shopping

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What actually went down in the 2019 holiday shopping season? Where might we expect it to go from here?

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2019 holiday shopping recap

On this special edition of That Makes Cents, we do a quick take on what actually went down during the 2019 holiday shopping season—from consumer experience to retailer tactics and trends to infrastructure and more. We also look back at the past decade of extreme disruption in holiday retail to see how far it’s come and, finally, where we might expect it to go from here. Featuring Simon Chafetz, manager, and Meghan Cole, senior consultant from Deloitte.

Want to see what Deloitte’s preseason predictions were? Check out the 2019 holiday retail survey, released last October.

During the week of Thanksgiving, the biggest retailer was able to transition from the world’s largest grocer to the world’s largest Black Friday merchant, and part of their success was due to the buy online, pick up in-store offering, also known as BOPIS. They were able to leverage their extensive retail footprint of nearly 5,000 stores to boost sales and reduce shipping costs.

⁠—Meghan Cole, senior consultant, Deloitte Consulting LLP

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