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The thing about consumer data

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Retailers have an opportunity to create a trusted and valuable relationship with their consumers.

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The thing about consumer data

What should we be considering, as consumers and as businesses, when it comes to personal data and privacy? From GDPR to smart speakers, listen in as Jon Stine, director of the Open Voice Network, and Rob Goldberg, cyber risk leader at Deloitte, chat through concerns and more.

Dive into the next regulatory and competitive frontier with Consumer privacy in retail.

When you boil down the term “personalization” in retail, at the core of that is less about massaging a specific message to a consumer, it’s about trust. I trust you, the brand, that you will use my data in a way that benefits me, that respects me, that recognizes me, that rewards me. And so that trust is that red-hot gravitational core that makes personalization work and makes the relationship between brand and consumer valuable.

⁠—Jon Stine, director, Open Voice Network

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